Teadaw launches e-commmerce site to provide Dainty and Natural Chinese tea

E-commerce Company, Teadaw, announces the launch of website to provide lovers of tea across the globe with the best of Dainty and Natural Chinese teas

Teadow, one of the world’s leading suppliers of Chinese tea has announced the launch of its website featuring a variety of teas sourced from different regions in China. The website is designed to sell different kinds of teas from Chinese green tea to Chinese black tea and even Chinese yellow tea, ensuring tea lovers from across the globe can enjoy their favorite drink.

Teadow is reported to be one of the leading online providers of the world’s highest-quality Organic Chinese tea. As a tea supplier, the company deals in different tea types and has been described by many as the best place to buy tea online. The products from Teadow have also been authenticated by USDA, ECOCERT, and IMO.

The products offered by Teadow are categorised into black tea, green tea, dark tea, and yellow tea. The black tea category consists of a couple of different types of teas including golden wool, red neddle and red agate. The dark tea category on the other hand consists of the bloody sherry tea.

Other categories of tea from Teadow include green tea that comes in three different types – jade sword, green pearl and emerald. The yellow tea category features the flower field tea type. All the teas and flavours from Teadow are made with the best ingredients sourced from nearly 100% soil and vegetation here are pollution-free.

Teadow has been able to ensure its customers across the globe are not only treated to the best tea flavours, but also get to enjoy safe and healthy teas, made from pollution-free soil and vegetation. This ensures the tea are organic and free from pesticides and other such toxins.

Teadow with its unique and creative tea packaging also ensures that tea lovers can conveniently enjoy the drink. This is particularly made possible due to the tea’s tidy packages.

The safety of the tea and ingredients used in making them also helps tea lovers get the best taste from every sip. Teadow also offers teaware to its customers, helping them enjoy their favourite drink using quality yet affordable teaware. Rectitude, mushroom cup, bamboo tea set and ladder shape cup are some of the unique teaware offered by Teadow.

Teadow has consequently become a one-stop shop for all tea lovers worldwide, offering probably the best green tea price in the industry for persons looking for tea for sale. Teadow also allows tea lovers to shop their preferred flavour from the comfort of their home.

Teadow is also in search of business partners across the globe, including wholesaler, bulk buyer, or any other kind of business.

About Teadow

Teadow is a Chinese-based e-commerce company providing Dainty & Natural Chinese teas to tea lovers from all over the world. Teadow leverages the internet, delivering tealeaves from tea garden to its final customers directly, without middle traders and wholesalers, consequently ensuring fair prices & awesome quality.

Teadow’s tea gardens are majorly located in southwest of China, where the altitude, moisture and average temperature are perfect for tea trees to grow, and are far away from major cities with severe pollution.

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Country: China
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