Celebrity Hairstylist, Stacy Snapp-Killian, also known as, StacyK chosen 1 of 100 world changers to join in a unique mastermind event

Celebrities, CEOs, humanitarians, entrepreneurs and community leaders flying in from Russia, London, and several other countries for “The Conversation Event.”

“This years “Conversation” amongst the 100 World Changers chosen to participate has attendees flying in from all over the World. We have an intercessory board that prays for the attendees 60 days in advance before their arrivals. Stacy and her company were brought to my attention through one of our ignitors looking to help us find those whom we believe will change the World.” Says, Tammy Kling/Best Selling Author,“Words are currency”

From sports legends to pioneering entrepreneurs, this “World Changers” event brings in only those intent on moving the world forward. The event is similar to a high-level mastermind, only with an order. Five conversation circles are formed each with an outcome based initiative to launch ideas and propel the business’ of the 100 people attending this year.

In August, Snapp-Killian, CEO and Founder of The Justus Love Corporation was made aware she had been chosen 1 of the 100,  for her new branding concept created for survivors of sexual abuse. Her idea continues to make an impact so strong in the State of Texas, Stacy decided nothing would stop her from her mission to talk about sexual abuse and built the first and only mulit-media company, currently in the World, designed to promote the business formation of other successful survivors of sexual abuse, like herself.

“JustUS® is more than a company. It is also a brand for the celebrities, businessmen and women, women leaders, therapist, counselors, non-profit founders and public figures who help people accept and overcome their past sexual abuse. Part of our mission is to give survivor’s a platform and bring awareness to sexual abuse suppression. Not one adult should be ashamed of being sexually abuse. I can honestly tell you, my past no longer defines me, as a matter of fact, it’s what inspires me to want to make a difference in the World.” – Says, Stacy-K

Snapp-Killian will be in attendance with Speaker, Coach and Mentor Harry Singha who will be flying in from London, Paris to open the conversation event. With less than thirty days to go this once-in-a-lifetime mastermind session to forge bonds with “like-minded” people who create for this World, a new thought-process, are gearing up to make this World a better place in which we live.

“No one has ever been able to explain so well the difference in being a victim of sexual abuse and a survivor. The qualities a survivor of sexual abuse have to offer the victim on the subject are remarkable. I truly believe no one can make a difference in the life of someone else unless they have walked in their shoes.” – Says, Stacy-K 

More About The Justus Love Corporation

The Justus Love Corporation offers sexual abuse inspiration, with lifestyle and leadership rewards, developing a brand represented by a community-focused company taking the approach to promote the leadership roles, those who were once victimized by sexual abuse, now thrivers, offering a new perspective for an old world order.

The company was created for television and internet, the first and only of its kind, also known as the brand; JustUS® for celebrities, businessmen and women, women leaders, therapist, counselors, non-profit founders and public figures. The Justus Love Corporation is an American, multi-media company to better help those on a mission to stop sexual abuse, and expose sexual abuse suppression, reaching a larger audience of people seeking a solution for their hidden pain.  

The company’s culture is built on a series of “Ten Character Commitments.” Without knowing it CEO and Founder, Snapp-Killian created the concept more than twenty years ago after journaling through her past, seeking to rebuild her own self-esteem and self-confidence, once admitting to a counselor she had suppressed sexual abuse.  Deciding to build stronger relationships & lives in the world, Snapp-killian began interviewing survivors her a series known as the sister a sister company to The Justus Love Corporation, and released JUSTUSBiopix™, in 2016 which air on YouTube® and www.justuslove.org at no charge.

More About World Changers, “The Conversation”

Participates join in a once-in-a-lifetime mastermind session to forge bonds that will never be broken with people who will change their life, as they change theirs. It is similar to a high-level mastermind, only with an order.

Five conversation circles each with an outcome based initiative to launch ideas and propel business will be formed. The conversations amongst the 100 chosen World Changers will include wisdom, legacy, intention, planning, captivate, your story. The Conversation is designed to ignite world changers.

This is an event where no one sells or instructs but instead where honest interactions help to form lifelong connections. Whereas TED is a selective event focused on showcasing a speaker with an “idea worth sharing,” World Changers take it a step further, allowing powerful transformative ideas to take shape through interaction. There will be no outside media allowed during this conversation amongst World Changers.

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