Lionell “Lonnie Fresh” Dixon Releases New, Inspiring Book, 20 Beautiful Men

NEW JERSEY – USA – Mr. Lionell “Lonnie Fresh” Dixon is more than just a successful motivational speaker and book author – above all, he is a man that has triumphed in his quest to transform his life, and is now spreading his hard-gained wisdom through his utterly inspiring works.

Such is the case with his newest book, titled 20 Beautiful Men, wherein Mr. Dixon tells the story of a boy who grew up without the privilege of having a father in his life – yet, through sheer willpower and determination, managed to overcome all hardships and obstacles that came his way, creating a life that serves as an inspiration to others facing similar, personal battles.

20 Beautiful Men is Mr. Dixon’s third work, having released his debut book, Out of the Shadows, in 2016, and his cookbook, The 150 Fresh System,in 2017. In addition to his printed works, readers have followed Mr. Dixon’s journey through features on Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, and his regular guest blogs for the Huffington Post.

The story told in the second chapter of 20 Beautiful Men, is none other than the retelling of Mr. Dixon’s own life, told in Mr. Dixon’s signature authentic, warm and encouraging tone, for which the public has come to know and respect him for.

“My story has always been the primer for my message of the power of self-transformation. I strongly believe that it is my duty to pass on what I’ve learned so far in my life journey, to make people feel that they are not alone in their struggles” said Mr. Dixon.

He continued, “I shaved 150 pounds off my physique, I dedicated myself to fitness and a wholesome lifestyle, and came out feeling stronger and more at peace than ever before. I firmly believe that, my story, along with those of the other 19 beautiful, admirable men featured in the book, will help make anyone see how their dreams are not beyond the realm of possibilities – that it is, in fact, in their power to enjoy the best life they can.”

20 Beautiful Men is available in paperback and ebook editions on Mr. Dixon’s website. At the time of writing, and for a limited amount of time only, Mr. Dixon is running a promotional discount, to help 20 Beautiful Men’s powerful message to reach a broad audience that would undoubtedly benefit from it.

The book could be purchased from his website for only $19.95. Get free shipping when using promo code: LFSHIPFREE at checkout.

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