Pivot door and bi-fold door shower pods increasingly popular with homeowners, confirms JT Spas

Shower pods offer a range of features that many homeowners appreciate, from their compact size to their ease of installation and their leak-free qualities. But when it comes to doors for these shower pods, the most popular options, according to JT Spas, include pivot and bi-folding doors.

Some of the most popular bathroom products today are shower pods, as attested by JT Spas. These small yet comfortable shower enclosures come in handy for smaller-sized bathrooms, and more consumers are choosing them not only for their space-saving aspect, but also for their easy installation. But another aspect that makes shower pods a more popular choice is their leak-free quality, as seen from the Kingston range of leak-proof, pre-assembled shower pod cubicles.

But for those who choose to install shower pods in their abodes, the pivot door and the bi-fold door prove to be the most popular. The Kingston leak-proof shower pod, for example, features a pivot door or bi-fold door which makes for easier access. A pivot door, for one, operates on a pivot, often located at the bottom of the door, and this makes the door more stable. Another advantage of pivot doors is that they don’t usually require framing, and they are much easier to open and close compared to standard swinging doors. Additionally, pivot doors don’t need much space for clearance, so they allow homeowners to save precious space as well.

The bi-folding shower door is another popular option for shower pods as they also offer several advantages. One of these advantages is the fact that they are more suitable for smaller spaces, since they fold in on themselves. The space required for opening the door is therefore not as large as one would expect.

Kingston is one manufacturer which offers both pivot and bi-folding shower doors for its shower pods. The Kubex Kingston Leak-Proof Pre-Assembled Watertight Shower Cubicle with Pivot Door, measuring 785mm by 705mm, doesn’t require extensive assembly, and it doesn’t require any grouting or sealing, either. It is comprised of composite walls and is suitable for any electrical shower or mixer. It also has a built-in riser rail, bottle shelf, and handset holder, and comes with a translucent roof which is removable. The same is true for the Kubex Kingston Leak-Proof Pre-Assembled Shower Pod Cubicle with bi-fold door – it features the same construction and components as the Kingston pivot door range.

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