Steam Showers Today are More High-Tech than Ever, Confirms JT Spas

Steam showers nowadays come with an array of features that would amaze customers. And now, thanks to more advanced features and capabilities, steam showers are more in demand than ever.

JT Spas has been supplying bathroom products to customers in the UK for many years. Due to its close relationship and partnership with many leading brands, JT Spas is able to offer a wide range of bathroom products, including baths, toilets and basins, showers, bathroom furniture, radiators, toilets and basins, and bathroom accessories. These products are not only of the highest quality, but are budget-friendly as well. 

But there is one product which is loaded with highly-advanced features that delight customers – the steam shower. Steam showers are especially-designed to bring relaxation and stress relief to users, primarily because of the ideal combination of water and steam. By spending time in a steam shower every day, users can feel the immense benefits, from the soothing of aching muscles and joints to relief from stress-related ailments as well as respiratory ailments such as the common cold.

The steam showers at JT Spas offer more than just relief and freedom from physical pain and soreness, however – they are now loaded with all kinds of features which make them truly high-tech. A standard steam shower, for instance, would include touch control panels which make it easier for users to adjust the temperature and other features to their ideal comfort level. Other standard high-tech features include massage jets along with thermostatic sensors, FM radios and Bluetooth connections, rain showerheads, ozone sterilisation systems, and even LED ‘chromatherapy’ lighting along with aromatherapy features.

These features make steam showers a more popular option than the regular shower, and since they are modular and pre-fabricated, installing them is an easy matter as well. One such example is the Lisna Waters White Quadrant Steam Shower, measuring 900mm by 900mm. This steam shower, as JT Spas explains, is easy to set up and install. “Lisna Waters steam showers do not require any grouting or tiling, simply install the shower in your space, connect to the water and power and your steam shower is complete and ready for you to enjoy.” The product can also be fitted with a water softener which de-scales the system and prevents the formation of new scale, and it can also come with a PEV, or pressure equalising valve, used in conjunction with combination boilers, for more balanced cold and hot water distribution.

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