Wet rooms offer more freedom, mobility, convenience, and safety, confirms JT Spas

Bathrooms are one of the most notorious rooms in the home when it comes to accidents such as slips and falls. But this doesn’t have to be the case for many homeowners who choose wet rooms over regular shower enclosures, as confirmed by JT Spas.

JT Spas knows all too well how important safety is in the bathroom, especially for families with elderly individuals, members with mobility issues, or with young children. A bathroom should be safe at all times for everyone who uses it, and this can be accomplished in different ways.

One way to make a bathroom a safer room in the home is to install a wet room. With a wet room, the bathroom’s shower area will automatically be more accessible to anyone since there are no thresholds or barriers which users have to climb or step over. A typical wet room will simply have a flat, even shower area which is flush with the floor, or if the wet room has a shower tray, it will be almost non-existent as a barrier. Also, most wet rooms are designed without the need for doors that open and close, so users can just walk in and out of the shower enclosure without any difficulty.

JT Spas offers a wide range of wet room shower screens for those who would like to install a wet room in their bathroom, whether the wet room is just for the shower area (with a separate shower tray) or whether the wet room will be comprised of the same flooring as the bathroom itself. As JT Spas explains, “Wet room shower screens are now considered as a modern and easy to install shower enclosure which offers an elegant feel to your bathroom. We have wetroom screens in both 8mm and 10mm thicknesses of toughened safety glass and heights which are 1850mm to 2000mm.”

JT Spas offers further tips for those who are planning to have a wet room: “Many customers choose a slimline 40mm stone shower tray but we can now offer slate effect or wet room trays to complete the wet room look for your new bathroom.” JT Spas also offers a new selection of 10mm-thick glass panels which are designed for use as part of walk-through shower enclosures. This is available in different sizes as well, ranging from 700mm to 1100mm in width.

To learn more about the range of wet room shower screens at JT Spas, visit http://www.jtspas.co.uk.

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JT Spas is a renowned bathroom product supplier in the UK which offers quality and affordable bathroom products. This includes a broad range of wetroom shower screens. To find out more about bathroom product offers, visit the website. 

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