Wall panels offer easier installation and transform a bathroom’s entire look and fee

Bathroom and shower wall panels have become increasingly popular in the last few years, mainly due to their aesthetic-appeal, their ease of installation, and their durability and long lifespan. At JT Spas, customers can choose from a wide range of wall panels with different styles and designs.

JT Spas is a bathroom product supplier which keeps itself in line with the latest trends when it comes to bathroom styles and designs as well as bathroom materials. One of the most popular trends today is the preference of homeowners for wall panels, which are much easier to install than regular tiles. 

JT Spas gives more detail about these shower and bathroom wall panels and why they are so popular: “Bathroom wall panels are manufactured from PVC and with a range of stylish decors, the shower boards and shower wall panels are non-porous, hygienic, and easy to clean, ideal for both wet and dry areas. All our bathroom wall panels are tongue and groove, making the bathroom panels so easy to install.” 

In other words, the beauty of wall panels comes from the fact that they are completely waterproof and easy to clean and maintain, making them a much better alternative to the usual tiles. With bathroom and shower wall panels, homeowners no longer need to worry about dirt and grime buildup in grout and tiles, especially since the wall panels also prevent the development of mould. 

Additionally, these wall panels can be fitted throughout the entire bathroom and not just the shower area. An entire bathroom can be finished with wall panels, giving the bathroom a beautiful, seamless, and attractive look.

The shower and bathroom wall panels available at JT Spas come in a wide selection of patterns and designs. These include beige sparkle wall panels, white sparkle embedded silver wall panels, black sparkle wall panels, gloss white wall panels, matte white panels, beige marble wall panels, and even travertine and marble and light grey marble wall panels, which are stylish and elegant. One other popular hue and design is the Plastivan Carrara Pacific PVC Bathroom Cladding Shower Wall Panel, with a width of 250mm and a height of 2,700mm for each wall panel. The panels come in packs of four. 

At JT Spas, customers are assured of more reasonable prices as well. The lowest price for these shower wall panels is £34.95 (for the beige sparkle wall panel), which is lower than the regular retail price of £99 elsewhere.

To learn more about the wall panel selection at JT Spas, visit http://www.jtspas.co.uk

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JT Spas is a renowned bathroom product supplier in the UK which offers quality and affordable bathroom products. This includes a broad shower wall panel collection. To learn more about its offers on various bathroom products, visit the website. 

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