Expert Electrical gives important advice on tripping curves for miniature circuit breakers

There is one aspect which differentiates Expert Electrical from other electrical product suppliers in the UK: its panel of experts who are available to provide customers with essential advice and recommendations. For MCBs, Expert Electrical has additional advice on tripping curves as well.

UNITED KINGDOM – 2017 – Anyone with a knowledge of electrical installations and systems would know how important it is to select the right products and equipment in order to have a fully-functional and safe installation. This is something that Expert Electrical, an electrical product supplier, does not take for granted, either – and that’s why it even has its own panel of electrical experts who are available to provide customers with premium advice on their electrical product needs. All one has to do to receive this advice is give Expert Electrical a ring, and its number is prominently displayed on its own website. 

But for customers looking for miniature circuit breakers and other kinds of circuit breakers, Expert Electrical’s team of experts has some important additional advice as well. This is readily available on the Chint miniature circuit breaker page, which anyone can access online. 

Expert Electrical actually gives clear steps for customers choosing Chint miniature circuit breakers. Step 1, for instance, is the selection of the pole, step 2 is the selection of the current rating, step 3 is the selection of the tripping curve, and step 4 is the selection of the breaking capacity. But Expert Electrical goes a step further by providing more information about tripping curves and how to select them properly. 

According to Expert Electrical, B Type tripping characteristics are ideal for light commercial or domestic use, whilst C Type tripping characteristics are suitable for industrial uses and purposes, particularly where there are inductive loads. Expert Electrical goes on to mention that the C Type is able to trip between 5 to 10 times the complete load current. The D Type tripping characteristic, meanwhile, can be used for applications which have a high inrush of current, which includes transformers and motors, as confirmed by Expert Electrical. 

With Expert Electrical’s help, anyone can have a much safer and more efficient electrical system and installation, especially if they make use of only the most reliable brands such as Chint. Chint not only produces miniature circuit breakers, but also high current circuit breakers, single pole and neutral circuit breakers, NDK control circuit transformers, auxiliary contact for DZ1 high current circuit breakers, and more. 


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