New Report Released By NPD on Top Resources for Depression in Seniors

Willamette Oaks, located in Eugene, Oregon is a senior apartments and retirement community providing the finest care and community in the Lane County area.

National Press Distributors concluded research with industry leaders, publishing a report on top resources to combat depression in seniors. A wide range of factors were analysed to choose the best in digital media, published novels and services. Included in this report is a list of leading resources, targeted to benefit both professionals and consumers.

Recommended services: Williamette Oaks, in beautiful Eugene Oregon, is an ideal place for seniors to enrich their lives. LifeMinded is a powerful ally in the fight against senior depression, allowing their residents to truly enjoy their daily schedule with what they love doing. A combination of mental and physical activities with a high social engagement schedule addresses the main areas of concern for depression. Williamette Oaks is a testament to the power of compassionate care and its benefits for mental health.

Suggested books: Yoga has been proven to reduce stress, boost confidence and improve sleep (a strong influence on mental health). ”Relax Into Yoga for Seniors: A Six Week Guide” was written to inform and inspire readers to take control of their health. Photos easily walk through the movements and sequences to stretch and strengthen muscles for all body types, including a DVD that users practice alongside with.

Approved online media: SAMHSA is dedicated to informing the public on the dangers of not addressing depression in all stages of life. “Treatment of Depression in Older Adults – Evidence-Based Practice” is a film for anyone interested in learning how to empower any elderly friend, family member or patient and instill positivity into their life. The science is easily digestible throughout the video and eloquently describes the latest in research for professionals to utilize in their practice.

National Press Distributor has published the resources available for those interested in the senior care industry presented in this report. Approval and acceptance into the collection is after careful deliberation. For more information, or to learn about the evaluation process, please contact the press representative.

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