Changshu clothing works together with the designer of children’s clothing brand DKLTJU to appear in the New York Fashion Week and to let the world know Changshu

The annual international fashion show – the New York Fashion Week officially came to an end on September 14th, 2017. As the unique Chinese children’s clothing brand of NORFOLK show, the appearance of DKLTJU’s new work “integration” series has attracted much attention naturally.

Changshu clothing city has made a crucial contribution to the successful appearance of DK brand in New York Fashion Week.

Founded in May 1985, Changshu clothing (transaction) city has become the largest clothing and apparel professional market in our country after 31-year efforts and has ranked the first place among China’s top ten major garment professional markets for three consecutive sessions.Therefore, DK relys on this large platform, which is absolutely a good opportunity.

The saying of the Warm West Lake is about in the year of 2002 when she came to Changshu to Changshu clothing city for purchasing. She set up a shop in the foreign trade village three years later and created her own children’s clothing brand. She formed the original costume gathing in foreign trade village with the peers. Therefore, the development track of DK is closely related to the development track of Changshu clothing city. 

Changshu clothing city has been awarded with the title of China’s men’s clothing center, China’s women clothing center, China’s children’s clothing center, China’s shoes industry center, etc, by China’s Textile Industry Association and China Business Association and has become the national AAAA level shopping scenic spot. It has become one of the international clothing procurement bases and provides high quality and upgrading grades promoting transformation by expanding the scale. It provides an excellent high-quality development platform for clothing brand like DK.

Changshu women’s clothing city in the new foreign trade village

2017 New York Fashion Week

Changshu clothing city joins hands with DKLTJU brand to appear in New York Fashion Week, which will bring us more wonderful works.

The DK brand integrates the chi-pao element into the children’s clothing, which sets off the nobility and elegance. The matching of the white and the black is neat, tidy and fashionable. The upper part of the body integrates the stand collar and the shoulder design of chi-pao, with white delicate floral decoration. The lower part of the body uses various types of hemlines, or irregular shaped lotus-like hem, or the trailing long hem short in the front long in the back, or cute stereo lanterns hem, which matches with the black gauze and the black sequin on the upper part of the body. The handmade fancy of the chi-pao collar and the design of the frog are also the finshing touch of this series. It integrates the characteristics of Chinese and western styles perfectly, thus making it noble and fashionable, mysterious and refined.

The white and pink color represents dream and romance and the combination of gauze and lace gives a person a kind of sweet, transparent, romantic, lightly luxuriant feeling. In this series, designers are using a large number of three-dimensional decorative flowers and handmade beads and ornaments, which displays the sweet, lightly luxuriant, innocent and romantic princess thoroughly. It amzes the audience as it appears and attrats the fairy maidens with princess dream with a fixed gaze.

Lace is very popular among women and is the favourite of the noble women since its birth. Lace is endowed with more connotations after the continuous innovation and efforts by the modern designers and gradually becomes a special technique for large area decoration by designers from the foundamental decorative border. The combination of gauze and lace brings light and elegant feeling. It adds to some smart, romantic and lightly luxuriant feeling with the application of three dimensional flower decoration and handmade beads and diamond on each garment.

When the model walks wearing this kind of dress like a fairy who has just fallen into the world, it greatly satisfies the fairy maidens’ imagination for dream and romance.

This series is based on the classical element of embroider in Chinese style. With the various outlines of western formal attire, it not only inherits the 2018 spring and summer theme of DKLTJU—“integration” and integrates ethnic elements to the children’s clothing design, but also combines the fashion style, line cutting and children’s clothing, which is a central extension in tradition and leaves people an impressive impression with its distinctive features.

The embroider with a number of classic elements in Chinese style reveals the deep breath of Chinese ancient court and a blossoming peony as if brought people back to the flourishing of Zhenguan. With the different outlines of modern western dresses, the mingling of Chinese and western cultures and the collision between the Chinese and western elements further highlight “DKLTJU” 2018 spring and summer theme – integration and give people a new visual impact.

Changshu clothing city undertakes the basic material supply and ultimately sales services platform for DK. Changshu clothing city is assessed as “national textile industry advanced collective” by the state Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and China Textile Industry Association since 2010. It was awarded as “national integrity demonstration market” by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce in June 2012. It will be creating into a large scale international clothing mall with one-stop service from top to bottom.

In recent years, Changshu clothing city has been committed to becoming China’s first and the world’s leading clothing distribution center and comprehensive business distric while sticking to the path of the scientific development, intensive development and upgrading and transformation. n November 2014, Changshu clothing city was awarded with the title of Chinese clothing brand development base by Circulation Branch of China Textile Industry Association and China Fashion Association.

In September 2016, the clothing city was approved to be market procurement trading methods pilot area by the Eight Ministries and Commissions of the State. The author also believes that Changshu clothing city will keep the pace with our country to accelerate its transformation and upgrading and work together with more clothing brands like DK to walk towards the international world meanwhile. Changshu clothing city will further become the world’s first clothing and apparel trading center, as well as trade center and fashion city with the new highlights of clothing brand culture.

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