New E-Book “In Depth” Reveals Hitherto Unknown Formula to Apply Pythagoras Theorem in Three Dimensions

Amiran Kapanadzes’ new e-book, “In Depth”, is an insightful and thought provoking look at the application of Pythagoras theorem to three dimensional space. “In Depth” goes on to show why the Pythagoras theorem does not work in three dimensions, and what is the regularity of hypotenuse and legs development in cube with new formula.

“In Depth” is all about the workings of the human mind, and pushes against the limits of rationality and the fiction of determinism. Available at all leading online publications, “In Depth” reveals a new equation for right angled triangle progression in three dimensions. The proposed new solution is bound to attract renewed attention to this aspect of geometry and math which is well known even to school students.

“In Depth” contains not only a new proposed solution, but also describes author’s own personal experiences and the creative process he used to obtain the solution for square progression in 3D space and the new equation for right angled triangles

“All the scientific discoveries are the result of searching rationalism in once chaotic and undetermined mental space. Real harmony can be achieved with our precious mind if we’ll understand the nature of metaphysics,” says Amiran.

Amiran Kapanadzes holds a bachelors’ degree in business administrating from Georgian Agrarian University and currently studies MA program of Political Science at the I. Javakhishvili Named Tbilisi State University. He has also been the International Department Head at the NGO Economic Policy Experts Center.

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