Improved Benefits of Dental Implants from Dr. Timmerman

When you want to improve your oral health and restore your appearance after tooth loss has occurred, it may be time for dental implants from Dr. Timmerman. Dental implants are one of the most recent advancements in the dental industry and have replaced dentures that are commonly used. If you want to improve your smile and functionality of your mouth, there are a few benefits that come with dental implants.

Natural Design

Implants that are installed by dental professionals like Dr. Timmerman are created to look natural and mimic the shape of natural teeth that may still be present in the mouth. They will blend in easily with teeth that are still present in the mouth and won’t become tarnished or yellow over time. They also promote a fuller facial profile, which can make it easier to look younger and firm skin that can sag due to missing teeth.


Dental implants are extremely durable and won’t crack, break, or fall out easily. You can have peace of mind knowing that the implants will last long-term because they’re fused to the natural bone that is still present in the gums. Their durability makes it easy to eat different types of solid foods, which includes apples, hard candy, or corn.

Prevent Bone Loss

One of the side effects that come with missing teeth in the mouth is bone loss that can occur over time. Osteoporosis can also begin to develop in the jaw due to the missing teeth, making it necessary to use implants. Implants surround other teeth in the mouth and can stop and reverse bone loss. They also help the surrounding teeth to remain strong and healthy.

Improve Your Appearance

You can transform your appearance with dental implants by restoring your smile, which is what many patients attest to in Dr. Timmerman Reviews. You’ll look more professional by correcting tooth loss, which can allow you to succeed in the workplace and your personal life. You’ll feel confident with your teeth and can socialize more once you’re not embarrassed to talk or smile while interacting with others in public settings.

Although it can be easy to neglect your teeth, dental implants can restore the functionality of your mouth and reduce the risk of health issues that can develop in the future. By restoring tooth loss, you’ll improve your appearance and can enjoy consuming more foods without feeling limited.

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