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Envision ADHD Clinic recommend if a person feels they may have ADHD to get tested.

A leading expert who has just opened a new clinic in Milwaukee, WI specializing in the evaluation and treatment of ADHD in working professionals, has said ADHD in adults is more common than people think. Dr. Behrens, who has opened the Envision ADHD Clinic which is based at 342 N Water St 600, Milwaukee, WI 53202 wants more people to understand that ADHD also exists in adults.

Envision ADHD Clinic ( which offers expert treatment options including full medical care/prescriptions and recommendations for therapy/coaching, diet, exercise, and supplements wants people to understand more about ADHD in adults. Recent studies estimate that about 40-60 percent of children with ADHD will continue to have symptoms as they grow into adulthood.

“ADHD is common in children, but may not be identified and can often continue into adulthood” explains Dr. Behrens.

According to the board-certified psychiatrist and fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, tens of thousands of adults who struggled at school and who were considered as disruptive or underachievers may have had undiagnosed ADHD.

When asked what people should do if they think they may have ADHD, Dr. Behrens said: “If you think that you have ADHD then it’s important to be tested as treatment can often be life changing.”

Dr. Behrens, also recommends that if a person has a family member or friend that they feel may have ADHD, they should convince them to see a doctor. By seeing a doctor and being correctly diagnosed, they can then move forward and receive the help they need.

There are several warning signs that an adult may have ADHD, these include relationship problems, anger issues, difficulty with organization, struggling to pay attention, and even frequent job changes.

The Envision ADHD Clinic is there to help adults with ADHD, and help them lead a normal healthy lifestyle. The clinic aims to help people achieve want they want to achieve out of their professional working life and career.

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