OnCore Golf Continues Emphasis on Innovation

OnCore Golf Continues Emphasis on Innovation – Receives US Patent No. 9,717,956

BUFFALO, NY – 27 Sep, 2017 – OnCore Golf Technology, Inc., a leading innovator in golf ball technology, announced today that it has expanded its intellectual property portfolio with the addition of two new US patents.   The most recent innovations are focused on (1) new high performance composite cores capable of delivering very unique advantages to new ball designs, including the potential to integrate and protect microelectronics in golf balls for a variety of uses, and (2) highly optimized ball transition layers which will deliver improved combinations of initial velocity, spin rates, distance and feel for a wide range of club head speeds.

OnCore is the manufacturer of the only patented hollow metal core golf ball – the CALIBER – which delivers the ultimate in perimeter weighting and rifle spin off the tee for exceptional accuracy.  While the ball’s unique technology and construction was originally deemed non-conforming by the USGA but following extensive discussion and debate, the USGA modified the Rules of Golf in 2014 to allow for “rigid cores of 0.900 inches and smaller” as conforming. 

OnCore has continuously invested in developing high performing balls for golfers of all skill levels and in 2016, introduced proprietary SoftCell technology with the AVANT, which is one of the longest two-piece, low-compression distance balls in the game. 

In 2017, OnCore introduced its tour-de-force – a three-piece tour ball, the ELIXR, which combines the best of the exceptional perimeter weighting concept behind the CALIBER and the SoftCell core technology of the AVANT to produce a ball that has been receiving the highest marks from professional and amateur players around the world. 

“Over the last three years since the USGA’s announcement that rigid cores of 0.9 inch diameter and smaller would be considered allowable in conforming golf balls, we have been developing some breakthrough combinations of materials and designs that we feel will deliver exceptional properties,” said Keith Blakely, OnCore’s CEO.  “We have already received word from the US Patent Office that two of the patent applications have been allowed and our next generation of products will take advantage of the innovations protected by these patents.  Our focus continues to be on delivering the best golf balls for players of all skill levels – to improve their scores and increase their enjoyment of the game.”

To learn more about OnCore Golf, their commitment to innovation and technology, and their full suite of performance golf balls, including the recently launched ELIXR™ Tour ball, visit www.OnCoreGolf.com.

More About OnCore Golf

OnCore Golf is dedicated to delivering breakthrough technology and innovation, while inspiring golfers at all skill levels and abilities. Founded by two young entrepreneurs—Bret Blakely and Steve Coulton—and now fueled by a team of world-class innovators, OnCore Golf entered the golf ball industry through development of the first-ever USGA-conforming hollow core ball.  The Company has since developed a growing suite of differentiating products distributed world-wide that now includes the extremely accurate CALIBER ball, the five star-rated AVANT with SoftCell technology to increase feel, durability and distance, as well as the dynamic ELIXRTM Tour ball.

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