Kickstarter launched: Raise The Dead – a Halloween festival using hologram technology

WREXHAM, UK – 28 Sep, 2017 – Raise the Dead: Halloween hologram festival launches on kickstarter. Inspired by Halloween and day of the dead using state of the art hologram technology to resurrect musicians from the past.

“The rock stars are dying to be here” – Gareth Cooper, Project Manager

Campaign running for 30 days we aim to raise £17,000 to raise the dead. The funding covers everything we need to get our show on the road touring the UK festival circuit 2018 and hosting a Halloween party at a UK venue. The money raised will provide us with a mobile venue and all the tech equipment required to create a realistic, unforgettable experience. We have already been approached by 2 events to feature our installation.

Visit our Kickstarter project page, facebook and Instagram to see what we have in store:

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Media Contact
Company Name: Raise The Dead Festival
Contact Person: Gareth Cooper
Phone: +447849797757
Country: United Kingdom