Acticall Sitel Group Partners With Dial-Once to Enhance Customer Experience Within Global Contact Centers

MIAMI, FL – 28 Sep, 2017 – Today, Acticall Sitel Group, a world-leading provider of customer experience solutions, announced an unprecedented partnership with Dial-Once, a telecom, web and mobile solutions startup, to bring smart contacting capabilities to its more than 146 contact centers across the globe. These capabilities optimize the customer experience by directing incoming calls to an enhanced digital interface to quickly categorize and solve customer inquiries.

With a focus on improving the customer experience, the goal of this partnership is to increase the efficiency of customer interactions and reduce customer effort in non-value-add areas. By leveraging Dial-Once’s visual interface, customers can efficiently find answers to administrative-related inquiries, such as scheduling updates, booking appointments, operating hours and more. Providing customers more autonomy to self-serve reinforces Acticall Sitel Group’s work to digitally transform a brand’s approach to customer experience and engagement.

Dial-Once has worked with The Social Client, Acticall Sitel Group’s digital customer experience agency, for a year and a half and has become an integral partner of the start-up. This new partnership enables Dial-Once to expand the development of its solutions in Europe, North America and South America.

“Through this partnership, we are able to more effectively route customer requests based on need and provide even greater focus on strategic and value-added customer service,” said Arnaud de Lacoste, founder of Acticall Sitel Group. “In a rapidly growing market, this partnership combines the agility and expertise of Dial-Once with the resources and know-how of Acticall Sitel Group and reflects our unwavering commitment to building innovative solutions to address customer service needs.”

Under the new partnership, when a customer contacts a company, the caller is automatically steered to a smart contacting platform where they find interactive, voice-serve menus to quickly categorize a request. Based on the answers, a caller can be referred to a selection of the company’s content – whether that’s informational content on the website, self-service options on a mobile app, chat box window, etc. – or connected with the appropriate agent.

“By reducing the cost of contact management, our solutions promote already existing content and help both customers and companies better use their valuable time,” said Charles Dunston, CEO and co-founder of Dial-Once.

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Acticall Sitel Group combines comprehensive customer care capabilities and unparalleled digital, training and technology expertise across industries. With subsidiaries such as Sitel, The Social Client, Learning Tribes, Extens Consulting and Novagile, Acticall Sitel Group can be leveraged across geographies, verticals and all stages of the end-to-end customer journey, helping clients effectively harness the industry’s explosive digital transformation and consistently deliver outstanding customer experiences.

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