Freedom Card Solutions Now Offers Free Customer Support

Freedom Card Solution Customer Service
Leading credit card processor provides streamlined customer care

Freedom Card Solutions has become well known as the leading credit card processor across the country. The company has worked diligently to provide world class services and solutions for its customers, and now, Freedom Card Solutions has announced that it is offering no cost, around the clock support.

“We’re here to keep your business running smoothly,” said the team at Freedom Card Solutions. Clients have two options for seeking out support: they can go to the Support Center via the website, or they can reach out to the Freedom Card Solutions support team.

“We always get the best service when we call with any questions,” said one client.

Freedom Card Solutions provides a customer support team that strives to efficiently, effectively help clients resolve any issues that could arise.

At Freedom Card Solutions, clients receive services and solutions designed to lower their overall costs. The company proudly serves business of all scopes and sizes with streamlined credit and debit card processing. Some of these solutions include Google Wallet, ApplePay, cash advances, e-commerce, credit processing, EBT, mobile pay, and more.

As opposed to offering a strict merchant service provider stance, the company works to be a financial partner to each client. Working one-on-one with clients, Freedom Card Solutions creates strategies that solve problems and accommodate client needs. The end results is a best in class client experience.

Clients receive cutting-edge technology to ensure that they are at the leading-edge of credit and debit processing, which offers an advantage for clients. Freedom Card Solutions is proud to assist clients in virtually every industry, including nail salons, pharmacies, gyms, gas stations, hotels, and more.

In addition, Freedom Card Solutions caters to the EMV needs of retailers. Mandatory compliance regulations have made EMV chip technology a requirement to retailers, and Freedom Card Solutions is proud to help retailers rollout and implement this new technology. Once proper EMV technology is in place, retailers are free from the liability that comes with being out of compliance.

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About the Company

Freedom Card Solutions is proud to offer industry leading merchant services, including EMV credit card processing, debit programs, gift cards, and more for companies of all sizes.

Freedom Card Solutions welcomes all merchant services transactions, including major merchant industries such as hotels, restaurants, small business, and e-commerce credit card processing. We are committed to serving all business, large and small. Freedom Card Solutions offers you the support and security you can rely on. Let us be your one-stop merchant solution. We are committed to being the payment processing company that optimizes your ability to seamlessly process credit card transactions along with providing you made-to-order intelligence that gives you the competitive edge that makes a real difference in your bottom line.

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