2017 Beijing Woman Half Marathon Starts Running In Charm to Enjoy Happy Carnival With The Goddess

Beijing Women’s Half Marathon started in Beijing exhibition garden in the morning of September 23rd. 5000 sport talents from our country attended our goddess party…

Beijing Women’s Half Marathon started in Beijing exhibition garden in the morning of September 23rd. 5000 sport talents from our country attended our goddess party, jointly presenting a showy sports feast to Beijing. The match was hosted by Chinese Athletics Association, Beijing Women’s Federation, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sport and Beijing Fengtai Government. And it had three competitive events namely as Women’s Half Marathon, Women’s Mini Marathon and Women’s Online Marathon, roundly creating a women-only party combining of specialty, athletics, interests and entertainment. It was not only a running race, but also a goddess Carnival. Besides, it was awarded as A-grade match by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sport in the second time, and Chinese Women Marathon Match was the only one which hosted by Chinese Athletics Association which was received from such a great reward.

Create romantic events, jointly spending the goddess’ Carnival

The breeze in September painted a colorful painting like a skillful painter. The autumn wind was soughing; the leaves were falling and it was a city of golden armor. In the morning, all the pretty girls were doing pre-match preparations carefully under the maidenhair trees, stretching, jumping, and trying to adjust the best physical condition to the groove under the guidance of the workers. Happy smile was overflowing on each young face, which was a confident, serious and clinging mien.

In the goddess’ rest area, the organizing committee prepared many professional and thoughtful services including free DIY of characters, professional makeup, manicure and so on. Every service personnel was practicing professional, aiming at bringing romantic experience for the beauties.

Now that the match was for the beauties, there must be service teams of handsome male god – cool Harley-Davidson team cleared the way, and gentle and thoughtful bromeo,”rabbit” accompanied you all the way. The organizing committee also prepared mini accompanying rabbit which accompany the beauties all the way, enjoying the match.

At the end, the committee prepared a big surprise at both sides of the finishing line, the handsome men’s team were waiting for every beauty coming to the end quietly. Delivering a rose personally, putting on tulip medal of honor, and even a simple hug can drive the exhaustion away. Surprisingly, the top 1000 athletes finishing the match got an additional “Olivine” standing for lucky, which was the greatest gift receiving this autumn.

Professional event service; thoughtful event protection

As a professional match, the committee was strict with each detail and commanded that each detail should have a high standard. The supply depot not only supplied adequate purified water, ice creams, sports drink and energy bars, but also prepared sports safety and medical patch. The design of road sign was even unique. To make sure that the athletes took part in the competition follow the correct route, the committee arranged stylish guiding car to guide the athletes finish the competition. As for the security and rescue, not only the professional executive teams were arranged, but adequate medicines including emergency medical supplies, falling and bruise were prepared. What’s more, the shelter cars were in company with the athletes, dealing with any emergency situation at any time and greatly ensure the safety of the athletes. There were many mobile toilets beside the track, avoiding the trouble caused by crowds. Thoughtful services and the pursuit of perfect details guaranteed the successful conclusion of the match.

The benefits were around the match; the passion bloomed in the match

The enthusiasm of the match run high and the benefits were across the match. There were singing and dancing on the stage and there were models under that stage. They can draw a lottery and take pictures simultaneously. The beauties quickly became big fans, screaming, taking photos by themselves. And the group photos were full of the scene, which lighted the atmosphere momently.

Finally, after fierce contention, the top three were all took on by Chinese athletes. Xia Yuyu got the champion with the performance of one hour and seventeen minutes and fifty seconds. Niu Lihua got the second place with one hour eighteen minutes and fifty-six seconds. And Liu Junhui got the third with one hour twenty minutes and ten seconds.

The committee was strongly supported by various sponsors, including cool robot phones, Ou difen athletic undergarment and fashion underwear, Garmin sports smartwatches, Odlo professional sports T-shirt, ZaiQingChun high-end beauty chain, rose tea and so on.

The charm of the women in the new era bloomed here and the pleasure of running transmitted here. 2017 Beijing women’s half Marathon ended in laughter. The athletes interpreted the theme of the match, “Running is the new beautiful” with their charm! We have made a ten-year appointment, looking forward to seeing you in 2018!

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