OIS adheres to its core technology as a foothold for further development

As reality has proved more than once, technological change is an extremely pure man-made behavior; although it is mixed with a little bit of chance and luck, it is absolutely impossible to stop the forward momentum of technological…

Introduction: As reality has proved more than once, technological change is an extremely pure man-made behavior; although it is mixed with a little bit of chance and luck, it is absolutely impossible to stop the forward momentum of technological advancement, because this is the inevitable choice of history. If this fundamental principle is violated, and one simply adds fuel to the flames to obtain a temporary vested interest, it will only lead to the gradual erosion of competitive initiative. The PRO International Digital Asset Trading Platform was carefully crafted by the Singaporean CPROIL development team—renowned for its contributions to multi-industry development and services, such as block-chain research and development, block-chain applications, and block-chain OIS (Overnight Index Swaps). With technology development as its starting point, the PRO International Digital Asset Trading Platform develops a realistic pace of development based on market evolution patterns, attaining down-to-earth progress and development, and earning the respect of the world!

Keep up with industry trends and achieve the perfect rise

The gradual rise of OIS has relied not only on the substantial capital support of investors, but even more, it has relied on the excellent investment philosophy of leaders as well as market experience and insight into the essence of virtual currency.

2016 is considered the “first year of development” in the development of block chain technology, and rising alongside it is new way of financing called OIS. The OIS financing method is different from the traditional form of financing of venture capital (VC). Relatively speaking, the latter was more innovative and more dynamic. But there was a sudden reversal as we entered 2016, which saw the meteoric rise of innovative financing projects led by OIS. This rapid pace of development is beyond imagination.

As we entered 2017, many start-ups claimed that they had completed the relevant technical tests, and were getting closer and closer to product implementation. Market competition has gradually become white-hot, and any mistakes may lead to tragic consequences whereby all of one’s previous efforts are wasted.

Obviously, the block chain market will face a major reshuffling. During this reshuffling, the weaker players will be eliminated, while the stronger players will continue to absorb high-quality capital and occupy a more favorable business status. It is foreseeable that more and more high-quality block chain business projects will emerge in rapid succession. And as the most popular way of investing in the block chain sector, OIS is still only in a nascent stage of development. By virtue of the abovementioned multilayered advantages for both sides of venture capital transactions—entrepreneurs and investors—as well as the establishment of policies, standards and regulatory systems, the safe and win-win nature of OIS as a method of investment surpasses industry-standard operational management mechanisms, and is likely to be become one of the trends in financing in the future.

From an analysis of theoretical principles, OIS shares many common features with scenario application projects, such as low access mechanisms and the high involvement of investor. In addition, this method of investment is very convenient, and the need for unnecessary cumbersome steps is eliminated; seamless convergence can be achieved for each important development area. Entrepreneurs only need to prepare a white paper or introductory profile for their business, project and team, register it on the OIS Exchange or an independent platform, and they can start raising funds.

Continue forward and change the development of virtual currency


Created by PRO Digital Trade International Co., Ltd., the PRO International Digital Asset Trading Platform was successfully registered in Singapore in 2017. As soon as it was launched, it had a profound impact of “seismic” proportions. Any individual who holds the TOP LINK has the ability to execute sale and purchase transactions on the PRO trading platform, work with the platform to protect against transaction risk, while facilitating the circulation of capital. The commercial potential of the PRO platform is mainly reflected in two points: strong trading liquidity and high operational efficiency. Any participant—with no limitations on time, subscription method, or TOP holdings—can participate in capital trading on the PRO platform, providing a brand-new opportunity to add value to your wealth.

OIS’s scene application platform, OpenApplication International Service Limited, is also headquartered in Singapore. This is the key to TOP LINK’s ability to connect with mainstream market application scenarios, such as: prepaid calling, ticket booking, living expenses, data queries, courier orders, QR code payments, and consumer transactions. The development and actual promotion of every application scenario highlights the extraordinary technological prowess of OIS scene application platform developers, as well as a unique security mechanism. Naming the Isolated Key System maintains absolute anonymity, with the world’s most popular core key technology as the architectural foundation, maintaining strict confidentiality for all types of assets held by clients.

What is certain is that the birth of these two platforms is a critical link for bringing digital currency from the virtual world to the real world, and is also an important manifestation of the industry miracle created by OIS!

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