Kevin Eze Urges More Nigerian SME’s to have an Online Presence & Match International Standards

Kevin Eze regularly known as xclusive_pikin on his social media pages is an ex-celebrity blogger, now business man, brand strategist and digital marketer. In a recent interview with the press he urged more Nigerian SME’s to have an online presence, invest in the IT industry to try and match up with international standards. Here is what he had to say…

“Nigeria is a blessed country with so many natural resources an amazing talents, taking a look at the news you’ll be intrigued with the positive news about Nigerian’s both within the country and in Diaspora breaking records in various fields and niches, but I still believe we could do more… Due to the economic recession (statistically we’re out of recession already) and the backward thinking of many SME’s, they believe that a successful business is all about dominating your locality, mall, plaza (Offline market). So they leave little or no room to expand or follow the recent trends and the way the internet is taking over the world and changing the way we do things especially buying & selling (commerce). According to recent stats on Wikipedia, Nigeria is the 8th country with the highest internet users with over 93M internet users & 16M Facebook users, we have one of the highest growth rate 46.7% (2001-2017). Which shows that the market is so big that it can go round if you’ll ask me, but you’ll see many SME without a website, social media awareness (FB Page, Twitter, IG account) or even a proper logo, rather they’ll have a personal one to chitchat with family and friends, lol. Even with a low startup budget, you can create a Facebook & Instagram brand page for FREE… then a website comes later, I hope to see a country where a local seller could make deliveries to your home (within your locality) with just a push of an order button on his/her Web shop/Facebook or Instagram page.

I asked a local vendor some weeks back why he can’t market his product online; he said “Oga, many people go think say na scam”. Irrespective of the fraudulent nature of people online, I do believe people still buy online, especially in Nigeria; the least you could do is to build trust with time. The emergence of huge e-commerce platforms like Jumia, Konga, JiJi, PayPorte in Nigeria is a sound proof that people still buy online. On Instagram lately I have been seeing a lot fashion brands promote their products there and it’s fine. So basically, if you’re a SME try to have a better online presence for your brand no matter the niche you’re in, there are still a lot of untapped niches in the country and you could be the first to discover one if you take out time to brainstorm properly. Even with the unsupported nature of our Nigerian banks (story for another day), it shouldn’t kill our entrepreneurship spirit.”

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