EspoCRM offers free CRM solutions to businesses

Ukraine-based technology CRM solutions provider, EspoCRM, announces the launch of its free open source CRM to help enhance customer loyalty and engagement

EspoCRM has announced its offer of free CRM solutions to businesses, regardless of their type of size. This is to ensure that all businesses are able to engage their customers better, consequently enhancing customer loyalty and leading to increased profitability in the short and long run.

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The major factor that determines the success of a business is customer relations. The clients are the most valuable asset to any business and once a business is not able to develop a good customer relationship, the business is as good as dead. This explains why many businesses fail even before kick off.

The emergence of CRM and other such tools has helped businesses relate better and more efficiently. However, many businesses, especially the small ones, have struggled to acquire these CRM tools and resources necessary for effective customer relationship management. While some businesses have struggled with acquiring these tools due to their financial capacity, others seem to find the relatively new concept difficult to understand.

In a bid to solve these problems and other such obstacles faced by businesses, EspoCRM has launched its CRM solutions, with a free open source CRM that allows businesses to understand the needs of their clients and consequently build and maintain a strong relationship with your clients.

The open source CRM software from EspoCRM comes with a wide range of features and benefits for businesses, especially the small ones and those running on a relatively tight budget. The features of the software include sale automation, which is used to convert leads and consequently improve sales productivity.

The calendar feature of the software allows businesses to plan their appointments and other such tasks as well as organising their meetings and send out meeting invitations. The Google Calendar Integration feature is also available in the Advanced Pack of the tool.

Other amazing features of the tool include marketing automation, telephony, customer support and the flexibility of using the tool that allows users to customize it based on their preference.

EspoCRM is available in two versions – EspoCRM On-Premise and EspoCRM in the Cloud. The EspoCRM On-Premise is available for free, while the EspoCRM in the Cloud version comes with a free trial period. Both tools are available in several international languages including English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Chinese, Serbian and Italian amongst others.

EspoCRM is designed to help businesses leverage on the power of technology to grow their sales and reduce their overheads.

About EspoCRM

EspoCRM is a technology outfit headquartered in Ukraine. The company offers effective and easy-to-use CRM solutions, recently launching its EspoCRM 4.8.2. EspoCRM in it relatively short while of existence has been able to steal the hearts of businesses across the globe, especially the ones.

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