Dallas, Texas – September 28, 2017 – Designed by pet owners for pet owners, the main goal of Pin Paws is to accelerate the time it takes to reconnect a lost pet with their owner. Pin Paws correlates a lost pet’s location by SMS texting the owner a geological pin informing them of the address where their pet’s tag has been accessed. Today, Pin Paws announces the launch of their website with the drive for helping save pet’s lives, as well as providing an easy all-in-one platform for storing important pet records in the cloud. 

It is our mission at Pin Paws to help reconnect lost pets with their owners, by providing an expedited process which allows the owner to be contacted in multiple ways. We know that every second is valuable, therefore we have created a service which addresses this sense of urgency.  Here at Pin Paws, we provide an all-inclusive, affordable monthly service focusing on reuniting lost pets with their owners, as well as catering to the needs of maintaining your pet’s vital information such as veterinary records, medical conditions, emergency contacts, vaccinations, insurance and more.  Pet profile can be accessed from mobile devices for convenience as needed,” Jami Lovejoy, the founder of Pin Paws, said.

Pet finder reports, “The American Humane Association estimates over 10 million dogs and cats are lost or stolen in the US every year. One in three pets will become lost at some point in their life.” Pin Paws offers a simple, yet innovative service that helps when this situation occurs. The process is simple and consists of three easy steps. The first step is to choose a Pin Paws tag and sign up for the monthly membership.  Members can choose from a variety of tag colors, making sure to accurately display each of their pet’s personalities. Next, upon receiving their tags and a welcome kit, the pet owner then logs into their account and inputs all relevant information. Lastly, pet owners gain peace of mind knowing that they have taken the steps towards protecting their beloved pet shall they go missing. 

In the event a pet becomes lost, the back of each Pin Paws tag includes three contact options which allow the finder to quickly identify the owner.  First, aQR code with the pet’s unique profile URL will provide their information if scanned by a smartphone.  Second, the pet’s information can be accessed through the Pin Paws’ website by entering their dedicated ID number.  Lastly, the Pin Paws toll-free phone number can be called 24/7 and a representative will assist in the reuniting of pet and owner.

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