Animiz Animation Video Creator Has a Simple Solution for Video Building

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Animiz provides the templates from every industry for the users to create the animated video by simple editing. Or they can create the new project with their imagination.

As the power of video can help to grow the business, Animiz brings the animation video creator to the public. This all-in-one animation video creator is simple to use in video creating and publishing. It has been built with a large amount of materials for video creations. Now with Animiz, everyone can create the video, publish and share it online.

Animiz animation video maker has added hundreds of online templates with the background, scenes, animations and others. All these templates are designed by the Jerry Fong, designer of Animiz. She said, “In order to simplify the video creating process, we specially designed these templates for the users’ need. They can fast choose a template and change the text to create new videos.”

If the users have their own ideas about the layout, they can create the video from a new empty project and add every element they want step by step. First, the user should add a new scene. Animiz provides colorful online scenes with every style for the users. Then, select the element. The users can add text, roles, effects, callout, sound, and video, SWF, symbol, actors and more to enrich the video. Also, they can adjust the timeline to arrange the content display order. It is also possible to add entrance and exit animation effect for the content. Scene by scene, at last, the users can record voice for the videos.

For the publishing, users can publish the video as video or gif. They can also publish the animated video to cloud platform for free. When users publish the project in mp4, mov, wmv, avi, flv, and mkv formats, they can upload the video to YouTube, Vimeo or burn it to DVD to share with friends. If the project is directly uploaded online, the users will get a video link and QR code which can be used to share the videos with others.

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