Creative Biostructure Adds Web-Search Function to Its Virus Like Particles (VLPs) Products

Creative Biostructure, a US biopharmaceutical company and leader in the supplying of structural biology related products and services, is proud to announce a bunch of new virus like particles products. Besides, the company adds web search function on the site, enabling customers find the products in need with greater ease.

Virus-like particle (VLP) has evolved to become a widely accepted technology, especially in the field of vaccinology. In fact, some VLP-based vaccines are currently used as commercial medical products, and other VLP-based products are at different stages of clinical study.

Creative Biostructure provides virus-like particles containing high concentrations of specific membrane proteins in their native conformation. VLPs in Creative Biostructure are produced with specified membrane proteins on a custom basis, or are available from a selected catalog of Ready VLPs. Sample kits are also available for purchase for preliminary application testing.

Upon the launch of web search function, customers now are able to find the certain vlps products they need by inputting cat#/product name/key words in the search bar and choose the source (insect recombinant, mammalian recombinant), and virus family (alphaflexiviridae, bunyaviridae, caliciviridae, filoviridae, flaviviridae, hepadnavirus, orthomyxoviruses, pneumoviridae, retrovirus, togaviridae).

“We hold good stocks of all our antigens to ensure a rapid delivery service worldwide. Using our optimized production process, custom VLPs are engineered to incorporate high concentrations of specified membrane proteins.” commented the official speaker from Creative Biostructure.

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ABOUT Creative Biostructure

Creative Biostructure is specialized in providing contract services to both academia and biotech/pharmaceutical industries in the field of structural biology. We offer insightful strategies and cost-effective services on structure determination of macromolecules using X-ray Crystallography, Cryo-EM, NMR, etc.

Creative Biostructure has built up a unique and comprehensive Membrane Protein Service platform. Aiming at elucidating the fundamentals of membrane protein systems, we provide gene-to-structure services on the purification, crystallization, structure determination and analysis of various membrane proteins.

With a team of experienced professionals, Creative Biostructure can conduct the structural and functional studies on unknown GPCRs, ion channels, transporters, enzymes and viral targets.

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