Instacoin offers its users the most lucrative opportunity to break into the Instagram market

28 September, 2017 – Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world with billions of users worldwide. What this means is that a vast majority of customers are already waiting for the right business to catch their interest through this platform. Before now many companies do not dare to use Instagram because they think that their audience is not represented in the social network or they use it for personal purposes and therefore it is not suitable for business; well check again. With the introduction of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency into Instagram, any business can now expand its customer outreach exponentially on Instagram using a perfect tool called Instacoin.

Instacoin is the world’s first blockchain-based official lottery on the social network. Instacoin Is an advertising company, which is searching for new tools of product promotion on Instagram for this network’s active users. The aim of the company is to widen standard marketing borders and attract the new target audience on Instagram. The advantage of their lottery is that in order to take part in it a person does not need to spend any money. The price for participation is the time that a person spends on viewing the said product.

Their team’s goal is to implement new technologies into popular social networks that will increase profits for businesses. Starting from the very first day of this company’s existence they have been trying to find the new approach to their potential customers.

Fraudulence is impossible while using a decentralized system of blockchain as the smart contract will contain not only the publishing sum but the deposit data as well. All calculations within the system will be performed through its own digital currency (token), which will ensure the high level of security and exclude unauthorized influence on the ongoing processes within the Instacoin ecosystem.

At the moment the project is negotiating with such large stock exchanges like Bithumb, Poloniex, Bitfinex, and Kraken to bring its users the best services ever. They believe that blockchain ecosystem is the future and they want to contribute to its development and make it popular, as well as use all available resources of advertising industry with its help.

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