Alpaka’s free time tracking app ideal for use with any Android or iOS device

Time management has become a breeze with the time management app and software from Alpaka. And anyone with an iOS or Android device can take advantage of it and maximise the management of their professional time.

UNITED KINGDOM – 2017 – When it comes to time management, not many can say that they are able to optimise their time when it comes to their work. This is especially true for freelance individuals, for business owners and entrepreneurs, and even for managers who also have to oversee the time and productivity of their staff.

But now, thanks to Alpaka, anyone can easily maximise their use of time at work with Alpaka Punch. Alpaka Punch is a specially-designed time management app which allows users to track their time and do a number of other tasks in a much more efficient way.

The Alpaka Punch app is also readily available for anyone with either an iOS or an Android device, as Alpaka confirms. “Manage your time anywhere. Whether you use an iOS or Android phone or your desktop computer, Alpaka Punch is easy to use time tracking software.”

The app is available on both Google Play and the App Store, and it has a number of important uses for those who are having difficulty managing their time and accomplishing their tasks in a prompt manner. It is also useful for those who have to send invoices to clients and bill clients according to hours worked. Alpaka Punch’s features allow users to synchronise their activity, track time not only for themselves but also for an entire work team, and even manage reports and export data with ease.

As Alpaka further explains, “Pause the timer in the app and the website version pauses automatically, change the client or job description online and the app automatically updates, preventing mistakes in timing if you go to lunch and forget to click stop.”

Furthermore, the app makes it easier for managers to track their staff’s time. A manager can track the time of their team through the administrator oversight, which can collectively analyse, record, as well as report the tasks which have been timed by other members of the team.

Those who have already tried out the time management app and software are highly-satisfied. Gerald Chavez, from Bristol, says, “I love this app. I am billing more time each month because I have accurate records for client invoices. This app is totally awesome, quicker than sending a text message.”

About the company:

Alpaka Punch is an easy-to-use time management software for entrepreneurs, freelancers, managers, and more. To learn more about the software and time management app, visit

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