EARTH GROUP as the Asian “Leading Pioneer”, will Create the World’s Third-largest Regional Economy within A Decade

If you haven’t heard EARTH GROUP, then you must lack attention to the news about “One Belt and One Road” in 2017. What is EARTH GROUP on earth? why can it be a leading pioneer?

Why does EARTH GROUP choose Asia?

EARTH GROUP has obtained considerable development in local Europe. However, the world economic structure has been greatly different, especially after the year of 2016. Many financial institutions and giant groups in Europe and North America have already seen the huge market and potential in Asia. At the same time, due to the proposed concept of “One Belt and One Road”, the area with the largest population in the world must be a “strategic military” in the next decade even longer globally.

What does the arrival of EARTH GROUP mean for Asia?

First of all, the first step of EARTH GROUP in Asia is to improve the infrastructure construction and people’s livelihood in the countries along the line of “One Belt and One Road”. Through photo voltaic project, Dadi finance and cigar industry, EARTH GROUP has improved the economic status of more than 20 countries along the line. In addiction, it reserves energy and strength for the development of Asia.

Secondly, the strategy that EARTH GROUP adopts is not competence, but cooperation. Alliance between giants and joint cooperation are the essence of real pioneering. Once the opportunity of competition and cooperation is ripe, the new business models and financial innovation will inevitably arise, which is the most concern for EARTH GROUP.

Financial innovation and new business models are indispensable to the rise of “One Belt and One Road” in Asia.

Why are the customers of EARTH GROUP more confident generally?

Understand Asia and make Asia rich. All industry layouts of EARTH GROUP in Asia are closely linked with local dominant economy. Besides, they are the outcomes produced by the board of directors in EARTH GROUP as well as financial experts depending on their years of experience and analysis.

At the same time, in the premise of the big environment of Internet, it is necessary to inject more fresh vitality into Asia and change its previous low-end positioning and identity of “global factory” to make Asia integrate into world better. At this point, we have the same idea with our customers, so we have a pleasant cooperation.


In 2011, EARTH GROUP was founded in UK;

The headquarter is in London, it owns Manila Philippine branch and Havana branch;

In 2012, it launched a capital strategy for the global operation of Chinese and western countries;

By 2017, EARTH GROUP has 20,000 employees worldwide;

It has six core industries: cigar production and sales,sports competition, real estate, investment, energy generation and food retail. The tourism real estate, business hotel, sports competition and other industries are on the way.

At the beginning of 2017, EARTH GROUP adjusted its entire business centers and it initiated the pioneering mode of “One Belt and One Road”. 

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