To Understand the Leader, Contemporary Era and the Future of China: the Publishing of Xi Jinping’s Governance and the Future of China

Nowadays the world is undergoing profound reforms; and with its increasing influence on the world stage, China has attracted extensive attention from the world. Before the beginning of the nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping’s Governance and the Future of China is published in the US by Skyhorse Publishing.

This book is a unique window for people to understand leaders of contemporary China, contemporary China itself and the development trend of China in the future. Through this book, readers can obtain in-depth understanding about series of deep level questions, such as why over the past 5 years there were such tremendous changes in China that attracted so much attention from the world? Why Xi Jinping’s strategies of governance enjoy the firm support of people and successful? What is the direction for China in the future? What influence will it exert upon the world?

This book is translated and revised from the book entitled “Core Capabilities – Understanding These Three Years of Governing in China”, which has been published in China. It has received extensive attention from poilitical, academic and business community.

This book for the first time presented a global proposition: the era of great changes urgently requires the core capabilities of leaders. An outstanding leader must be equipped with extraordinary view, talent, courage and personality. The core capabilities of leaders are significant for the overall development of the country. And for the first time, this book proposes that a leader of a country shall hold four core capabilities, they are: insight and foresight to accurately grasp the development direction of the country; planning and commanding to efficiently control the overall development of the country; revolution and creativity to continuously activate the endogenous power of the country; the cohesion and inspiration to lead the people to achieve their common goal. Core capabilities are carriers of true value and the best things to embody leader’s “gold content”. The four meanings of Xi Jinping’s core capabilities as a leader are stated for the first time too, which are political willpower with self-confidence and persistence; overall control with insight and vision; revolution competence and creativity with tenacity and fearlessness; coherence and inspiration with grandness and solemnity. The four core capabilities strongly support the formation of systematic governance thoughts; sustain the implementation of complete governance strategies; catalyze the establishment of leader’s core authority; and promote the development of achievements made by the Chinese government. This book is the first to clearly stated the evolutional track of Xi Jinping’s core capabilities as a leader, which are: excellent family tradition edified his personality; growth in adversity honed his feelings towards the people; extensive experience tamped his foundation of ability and wisdom; tireless learning and understanding broadened his thinking; and cultivation of Party spirit sublimated his charisma.

This book profoundly reveals the four strategies of Xi Jinping’s governance, which are “mastering the direction of overall situation with conscious and firm politic willpower, guiding the development direction of the country with modern and scientific governance thoughts, activating endogenous power with continuous reforms and innovations, gathering power for rejuvenation with the grand feelings about a world belonging to all peoples”. From a comprehensive perspective this book elaborates that, Xi Jinping’s governance sticks to the four features: “being objective, being close to China’s reality, emphasizing top-level design, and generating power jointly by the entity”. It systematically analyzes the four influences of Xi Jinping’s governance upon China in the future. The four influences are: it consolidates the foundation of the Party’s governance through reshaping the good image of Communist; it pioneers the new road of scientific governance of the country through forming governance thoughts system; it creates bright prospect in the future through establishing the strategic pattern of country governance; and it glorifies the advantages in politic system through consolidating the characteristic and efficient leadership pattern. It also objectively explores the four philosophical meanings beneath Xi Jinping’s ability and sagacity of governance, which are “unity of Party spirit and disposition to solidify support of direction, unity of cognition and practice to solidify support of science, unity of thinking way and method to solidify support of effect, and unity of leader and people to solidify support of power”.

This book researched current leaders in China under the guideline of the theory of core capabilities of leaders. It presents Xi Jinping as a leader having lofty aims, being capable of outstanding achievements, being courageous, and having high ideological level. This is a work about theory to study core capabilities of leaders, a work about reference to provide advice for the shaping and improving of leader’s core capabilities, a innovative work to reveal ways of governance from leader’s perspective, and a work to systematically interpret the collective practice about governance by leaders of CCP.

Xi Jinping’s Governance and the Future of China also serves as a useful guide to global leaders who can benefit from understanding the perspective that President Xi brings to international conversation.

About the Author:

Zhou Xinmin has been systematically researching the proposition of leaders’ core capabilities for 17 years. He creates the theory of leaders’ core capabilities in China, is also a well-known expert in the research of Chinese leadership and a prolific author,

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