Dr. Cali Estes Hosts a New Podcast Helping Those Who Find Themselves Stuck on Their Life Path Find Clarity

Overwhelm, distraction and a culture that constantly drives us to seek happiness often leave people feeling stuck and frozen, unsure of which direction to turn or path to follow. This new podcast helps solve this problem.

As a culture, we are concerned with operating on the notions of successful living, healthy eating, being good to people and other mantras like these.

However, in today’s hustle and bustle world, we get caught up in the day-to-day grind and often find ourselves stuck on a path that we often feel does not fit us, one that is not of our choosing.

We often reach a point in our lives where we feel like we are not living our dreams, our true desires. The Unpause Your Life podcast puts a spotlight on these life challenges, the hurdles we must get over to move onward and upward.

Dr. Cali Estes, The Addictions Coach and Founder of The Addictions Academy stated, “It seems that most people want to discover the path to a successful life. Not just in one area of business, health, or family — but in all areas combined. Is it possible to find this holy grail of namaste living, or is it a fairy tale out of reach?”

“My goal is to help you unpause yourself and live the life you desire, the life you deserve.”

Estes interviews leading experts, focusing on highlighting strategies that work to alleviate and eliminate common stumbling blocks like addiction, job loss, relationship struggles, and more.

“I know first-hand just how difficult it can be to find focus and move towards your goals, it’s just so easy to get derailed and distracted these days. And the next thing you know, years have gone by and you are still drifting, stuck on a life path you don’t like at all,” said Estes.

The era of employment for life is long over. Workers now migrate from job to job over their career in search of greater fulfillment and compensation. Employers discharge employees more readily than in the past when business conditions change or productivity by a worker lags.

Academics and National Survey of Family Growth representatives, PolitiFact.com estimated in 2012 that the lifelong probability of a marriage ending in divorce is 40%–50%.

Statistics like these point to that fact that people everywhere are constantly searching for happiness and meaning to their lives. This often leaves them to wander from job to job and relationship to relationship, never really focusing on a solid life path.

“My unique no-nonsense approach of cognitive behavioral therapy, positive psychology, addiction coaching, and life coaching have allowed me to really hone in on strategies that work to get people on a path towards happiness and fulfillment.”

“I hope my personal insights, along with the wisdom my amazing guests share, will help those who are wallowing to get moving, to get unstuck,” Estes concluded.

The Unpause Your Life podcast can be found on iTunes, Stitcher, Spreaker, YouTube and Google Play.

The show is also featured on WCKG Chicago’s On-Demand Library and the Business Innovators Radio Network.

For more information on Dr. Cali Estes and the Unpause Your Life show please visit: http://unpasueyourlife.com

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