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Phoenix, AZ Torgenson Law introduces the finest lawyers that Phoenix has to offer. As personal injury lawyers centering on protecting its local community, their cases reach out to prevention, medical, accidental, and recreational liabilities, among others. Like any other firm, communication and efficiency are compulsory. What sets Torgenson Law apart is the strong sense of familial security and support. Its first line of defense is to protect and assert clients’ rights.

The general experience of finding lawyers can be tedious, especially if in some cases, priority matters. With Torgenson Law, all clients will be accommodated with professionalism and enthusiasm, and work with a close team of lawyers, specialized paralegals, and assistants. This due process is experienced by people who have had a satisfactory experience with the company and have been grateful enough to give a commendation — Vikram Dey is one of them, citing a detailed testimonial of his experience:

“I worked with John and his team at Torgenson Law after an unfortunate motor vehicle accident. In the very first consultation, he came across as an extremely knowledgeable attorney while patiently explaining the entire insurance claim process. During the various steps of documentation, filing, and negotiation, he kept us thoroughly informed; and promptly answered every question we had. I was not liable for any payments towards the law firm, they literally took care of all the paperwork and medical bill payments. I with all surety recommend Torgenson Law, and advise to consult them very early on in the claim!”

Torgenson Law is headed by professionals who have a background in management, law, and legal administration. Immersed in other interests and practices, their team allows a diverse approach in defending cases. Prioritizing the client, the company believes that competent legal representation has its outcome in full and fair compensation, offering trustworthy advice with the clients’ best interests.

The legal process, however, can take a while. Torgenson Law ( acknowledges this but promises the utmost positive results. The client-lawyer rapport is deeply strengthened as the case develops. For full coverage, complete paperwork is recommended: medical records, police reports, insurance correspondence — this is where attention to detail becomes a persuasive factor as all these indications are used to construct a case analysis that builds the groundwork for the client’s defense. On top of all these, the firm offers scholarships to deserving law students.

For inquiry on services, scholarships, or potential cases, please call (602) 759-0012 or email legal/administrative representatives at Torgenson Law is located at 1433 N 3rd Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85003. Interested personnel may visit their website at

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