Courtney Smith Launches Campaign On Indiegogo To Fund BASHelorette Website Project

Courtney Smith announces launch of campaign on Indiegogo crowdfunding platform for project BASHelorette.

Courtney Smith, marketing professional and entrepreneur, has announced launch of BASHelorette, the website for free party and event planning for women. Courtney Smith wanted to create an online destination where women could focus on the positive side of partying by using a platform that reduced the time, stress and expense of planning for the party.

“When women get together, amazing things can happen that can form the foundation of everlasting memories,” says Courtney Smith, the founder of BASHelorette. “Our website is designed to make planning and execution of bachelorette parties better. Party planning can be less time-consuming, less expensive and less stressful with BASHelorette.”

BASHelorette was launched in 2013 to help women plan their parties in a more professional and planned manner. This is a truly unique, one-of-its-kind idea that has attracted the attention of over 300K users till date ever since it was launched.

Courtney Smith conceptualized BASHelorette after suffering a string of hugely stressful bachelorette party planning experiences. She has a background in travel and hotel marketing but more than that it is her passion for helping women bond and get-together is what inspired her to create the site. BASHelorette provide women the platform to forge strong bonding and create memories that can help them overcome tough times and celebrate the good times of life.

According to Courtney Smith, there is a growing demand for a robust and streamlined party planning resource that can be used not just to plan parties but also for organizing female get-togethers, brunches, vacations and other similar events. Smith is taking all these requests into consideration and incorporating them into the new site. Her team is also adding some innovative features that can make the whole party planning process even easier. The best thing about BASHelorette is that it is free to use.

BASHelorette has a flexible funding goal of $5,000 which they plan to utilize for the new and improved website BASHelorette 2.0. They have plans to go ahead with the website building process even if they are unable to hit the $5K goal. Only, they will take it ahead bit by bit.

Contributors to this crowdfunding campaign can expect some exciting perks based on their level of participation in the campaign. These include bride tribe and vacation time tanks and accessories. The website may also feature an article featuring your party, event or celebration on its blog or inspiration section.

About BASHelorette:

BASHelorette is an initiative by Courtney Smith and her team to help women find the best place and resources to organize get-togethers, birthday parties, girls-only vacations, bachelorettes, wedding parties and more. The website offers all the tools and support needed to help women plan the whole event conveniently from one place.

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