Fennex, the augmented hearing app receives great reviews on iTunes

Fennex is an augmented hearing app that enables the user to hear better by turning their Apple headphones (EarPods or AirPods) into a personal hearing amplifier. The app has received great reviews and ratings from the users on iTunes.I rarely do submit reviews due to lack of Patience, to be frank! But, this one deserves a good review as it justifies its function. It is Really the Best of the lot in this category. The sound is quite crisp & clear without any noise/disturbances. Simple UI”, says one of the users on iTunes.  Another user Casey H mentions, “Thank you very much! Your app has truly helped change the quality of my life for the better. Last time I bought hearing aids I spent $5000 dollars and here a few years later they are no longer working but your app has given me the opportunity to hear without having to spend a fortune and I am very grateful”. 

At first, the user needs to take a hearing test to identify their hearing abilities and then use the hearing test results to personalize their hearing experience. After these two steps, the user can select a listening scene such as meeting, dining, care or simply choose to amplify and adjust the sound in custom mode. It enables the user to listen better in all kinds of environment. The app is also compatible with wireless headphones like Apple AirPods. “I use to have the Hear You Now app but it’s obsolete and didn’t work with the Air Pods. The ability to be able to use the Air Pods for the typical purpose of listening to music and then switching to this app when having a conversation is unbeatable. Great job to the developer and hopefully we’ll see better things to come”, says another user.

Fennex app provides the user with instant volume boost whenever they need to hear clearer. It also enables the user to balance the volume of the left and right speaker. The user can also apply sound compression to amplify or limit sounds using this app. They can keep or remove high/low pitched sounds and adjust it as per their preference. The Equalizer feature of the app allows the user to adjust treble, mid & bass sounds as per their hearing preferences. The user can select among four different microphones, including iPhone bottom or front, earphones built-in and external earphones.

The app in fact, has received great reviews from popular media channels as well. Business Insider reviews, “If you’re having trouble hearing in a class, you could place your phone near the lectern while you’re sitting a few rows back and listening in on a pair of AirPods” while Startupticker says, “First hearing app that works with Apple AirPods to provide a personal hearing amplifier”.

The app is available for free download at iTunes.

Disclaimer: The Fennex app does not constitute a medical service or product of any kind and is solely considered as a sound adjustment. The usage of Fennex does not replace a traditional doctor’s appointment or the purchase of a hearing device such as hearing aids.

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