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Michael E. Kondoudis of The Law Office of Michael E. Kondoudis.
The Law Office of Michael E. Kondoudis marks its 10th year using fixed fee billing to deliver for its clients.

Zoey Thompson, Features Editor

Washington, DC – Trademark and patent attorney, Michael E. Kondoudis believes the time has come for attorneys to look at alternative billing models.  The Washington DC and Northern Virginia based attorney has secured over 500 trademarks and patents for clients from the US and abroad and has countless testimonials from happy clients. He asserts that flat, fixed rate billing makes it easier for attorneys to focus on their clients and deliver improved customer experiences.

“The problem with hourly billing is that it emphasizes time spent over the value provided,” says Kondoudis. “In the hourly billing model, time is money and efficiency can actually result in lower attorney revenue. This inescapable fact often misaligns the interests of attorney and client.  The focus should be on successful end results and how to achieve them as efficiently as possible for clients.  Our fixed fee billing model helps us do just that.”

As an advocate of alternative billing models for over a decade now, Kondoudis has spoken publicly on the topic and has even been featured in Washington Lawyer, the bar journal of the District of Columbia. He believes that attorneys and clients alike are starting to wake up to the fact that the hourly model is a flawed measure of value and that more firms should make the shift towards fixed fees. Kondoudis maintains that not only do fixed rates save time, but the model reduces overhead and breeds an environment of trust.  “We never want the fear of a bill to discourage our clients from contacting us,” he adds.

“Not needing to account for every minute we spend on a case saves a lot of time that can be better spent doing real work for clients,” he says. “I’m an intellectual property attorney. I help my clients protect brands and inventions. That’s what I prefer to do, not trying to justify how every minute of my day was spent. With our fixed fee billing model, we have more time for our clients and to focus on delivering successful outcomes.”

Kondoudis has quite a respectable list of clients that rely on his expertise to protect their intellectual property. His current and former clients include internationally renowned corporations like Microsoft Corp., Corel Corp., Mobileye Vision Technologies Ltd., and Lectrosonics, Inc., along with universities and even other law firms.

Clients of his firm get more than just the confidence of knowing how much they will be billed; they get an intellectual property attorney with a heavy hitting resume. In addition to being an actual rocket scientist and authorized to represent clients at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Kondoudis was recently admitted to the Bar of the U.S. Supreme Court, a rare honor for an intellectual property attorney.

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