How a House Painter with a Sixth Grade Education Became a Millionaire in Less than Two Years

Jim McMillan, founder of Funnel Sketches.
A few short years ago James McMillan was a struggling housepainter looking to improve his business funnel, today he’s a millionaire. McMillan wants to share his story with the world.

Zoey Thompson, Features Editor

Sandy, Utah – The sad truth of the small business world is that most fail. Most fail not for a lack of having a good idea, but how to market that idea successfully to other. Housepainter James “Jim” McMillan was struggling with how to get his house painting business off the ground. He had paid thousands to digital marketing companies with no real improvement in his situation. It was at this point, he says, that he realized it was time to do his own research and figure out the mechanics of sales funnels. After committing to the research and taking online courses, he was able to build a successful approach to Internet Marketing and Online Sales that he began to share with others. Today, Jim is a millionaire that has free time, savings, and the ability to provide a life of luxury for his family.

“I knew there were people making money online and I wanted to join them,” says McMillan. “After taking several courses and working with coaches like Russell Brunson I was able to develop my own sales funnels. Once you see things begin to click for you there is an urge to help others do the same. First, it was my brother-in-law, now I work with people all over the country.”

McMillan went from house painting to selling affiliate products and soon learned that with the right products and the right techniques he could make much more than he could painting houses. Affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing where businesses reward marketers for bringing customers to their website or store. While the playing field of affiliate marketing has changed, people are still out there making thousands each month using the Web 2.0 model.  

“Being successful in affiliate marketing is tied to the product or service that you’re marketing and your techniques for creating a high volume sales funnel,” says McMillan. “I can show others how it’s done; I have shown others how it’s done. I know that having the knowledge is the first step to financial freedom, the rest is application. I want to give people that knowledge.”

He credits his lack of education for being able to break the subject down into easy steps that anyone can use to create their marketing plan and a profitable sales funnel. His business, Funnel Sketches hosts webinars and provides resources to those who are interested in making money online. McMillan wants to help everyone with a desire to work for themselves achieve their goals. He claims that if people are willing to put in the initial work, they will see results just like he did. “Look, I have no formal education and a background in house painting,” he explains. “If I can do it, anyone can.”

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