Eidoo, a platform to manage any blockchain asset, is now available on App Store and Google Play Store

Eidoo is a new mobile application for App Store and Google Play Store that allows users to manage Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all the ERC20 tokens in one simple place.

This means that Eidoo is a multicurrency wallet that enables the users to manage all kinds of blockchain assets with a single backup phrase and all the flexibility and benefits of an HD wallet.

The wallet was developed keeping in mind how fast the blockchain industry is growing.

In the past few years, this industry has experienced a rapid growth, and people all over the world have realized the value of blockchains and cryptocurrencies in current times as well as its potential impact on the future.

The Eidoo App was developed for those who are dealing with multiple blockchain assets. Eidoo provides an easy access to digital assets by keeping all of them in the same place. This enables its users to save time and efforts while dealing with the underneath complexity of those new financial instruments.

Thanks to the integration of Eidoo with the Ethereum ERC20 token standard, the App can detect automatically any token and simplify the interaction with it.

Additional features, on top of the core wallet functionalities, provide a simplified experience for the users, so that even the sharing of wallet addresses becomes easier and safer at the same time.

Eidoo Unique Values

Decentralized exchange:

Eidoo will include a decentralized exchange to trade Ethereum, tokens, and Bitcoins.

One of the biggest and underrated problems of existing exchanges is the fact that users need to trust the counterparty, giving them full control of their goods. Counterparty risks, even when dealing with generally reliable and trusted central parties, have always to be taken into consideration since problems are always lurking behind the door.

A decentralized exchange, by nature, doesn’t rely on any central authority.

Lightning Network:

Eidoo can get rid of any counterparty risk, as transactions occur directly between the users involved in a given trade. Given that, the security of the system is guaranteed by the smart contract which intermediates between them.

Eidoo will also create a Decentralized Market based on the Lightning Network, where Eidoo users could, instead of transferring only assets, exchange generic goods and services in a decentralized and provably honest way using trusted computing techniques and an escrow system.

The wallet will take care of abstracting the raw unfriendly function of Lightning Network, giving to the end user a more pleasant environment to manage their assets.

The app shows the complete Ethereum Transaction History and lists down the Ether and Token transactions. The user can generate a passphrase to backup all their assets. They can also join the currently running token sale campaign directly from the app.

For any queries, the users can fill a form directly from the app and ‘send a report’ for feedback or suggestions.

Eidoo places the utmost priority to the privacy of the users and to ensure that the exchange manager does not have any access to the user accounts.

Using the app, the users can enjoy the trading experience with some of the most competitive fees on the market. The atomic swap feature allows a smooth cross trading experience amongst different cryptocurrencies with a technologically consistent outcome for both parties. It’s an easy to use application that makes it easy for the users to handle the cryptocurrency world. More information about the app can be found at the official website of Eidoo.

The app can be downloaded for free on App Store and Google Play Store.

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