Of What Is Past – Memories of growing up in London’s Catholic Children’s Society

“Of What Is Past” by Anthony J. M. Brady
Anthony J. M. Brady describes the early years of his varied and fascinating life in “Of What Is Past”, the first book of an intriguing series.

In 1939, everyone knows that a war is coming. Life is difficult enough under the circumstances, but for one woman, it becomes even harder: her family shamed and shunned her. She is forced to leave the rural community in Northern Ireland and moves to London, with only a few pounds in her pocket and an address to which she could take the child she is expecting. Someone helps her with finding short term accommodation, but she can’t afford looking after a baby and surrenders her newborn boy into the care of an Order of Religious Sisters. That little boy grew up to become the author Anthony J.M. Brady, who is now opening up about the story of his life.

The autobiographic book “Of What Is Past” by Anthony J. M. Brady is the first volume in a series called “Scenes From An Examined Life”. It takes the readers back into the time during and after World War II. A period of twelve years is covered, and we learn about how the author managed to survive living with about one hundred other boys in the care of rather strict Sisters. Rules controlled how the boys were allowed to behave and what they were allowed to do. It is an insight into a childhood that teaches us about history, about London in the mid-20th century, and about how much it takes to become successful without a loving family.

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