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An exclusive interview with the fund manager Peter Schroder

“Many people misunderstand that how elegant and mysterious I am as a fund manager. In fact, there have been arduous tasks for a fund manager every day over the past year with the innovation and reform of worldwide business environment. Perhaps only I know how much time I should spend in learning and how many efforts I should make as fund manager,” said Mr. Schroder.

After getting up at 7:00 every morning and arriving at the company at 8:00, he will reply to customers’ emails. Then, he will look at and analyze projects.

Since the emergence of internet, there have been more and more impetuous projects. These years, people can apparently perceive the changes to the investment market, and many funds have reduced their frequency for reviewing projects. Mr. Schroder didn’t get a new idea about investments until he saw B&B’s application materials for investments in virtual currencies in the fund’s queue list for normal reviews. It was a new culture of internet. Apart from its operable practice systems (hunter’s market monitoring procedures, intelligent spread trading systems and B&B’s data processing centers), it was more in line with changing background characteristics of the current era.

Later, his company performed a survey on B&B. After a long-term analysis of the technologies that B&B had mastered by prospect analysts of their fund and research on upstream/downstream industry chains in the market of digital currencies, they discovered that B&B’s investment prospects were quite likely go beyond our expectation, and the concepts of digital currencies were not theme-based speculations. B&B’s firm grasp of different technologies is just what our fund values, because it will be a support for businesses. This doesn’t mean that certain favorable news has been confirmed. Indeed, his company designs a layout for this industry chain in consideration that continuous and rapid growth has been achieved in digital currencies.

Therefore, the fund has started up B&B’s first round of simulated market operations and gained considerable profits in the early stage. Besides, the funding company value B&B’s strong R&D capabilities in data-processing chips, which will further boost the development of projects in the later stage.   In subsequent tests, we investigated whether the businesses were sustainable. The results were satisfactory for senior management of our fund. Hence, they had happy communications with the member of B&B who was charge of financing. In the early stage, they got small-scale loans very fast. After analyzing B&B’s technical strengths and core operation data, this funding company finally reached formal investment cooperation agreements and related legal contracts with each other. Mr. Schroder believes that B&B will be a source from which their fund will have stable gains. Then, they will occupy a secure position in fierce competitions for acting as fund manager.

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