Nimble Real Estate Provided Free Post-Typhoon Maintenance to Owners 天灾无情人有情 敏捷地产为业主提供灾后无偿修复


From 23 to 27 August, Typhoon Hato and Typhoon Pakhar churned up Zhuhai City with torrential rain and gusts one after another. Only in 4 days, the beautiful coastal city Zhuhai suffered severe damage, and its neighboring city Zhongshan was also affected. Nimble Real Estate, as a responsible developer with highly efficient execution that always puts the interests of owners in the first place, carried out the disaster relief operation immediately and provided owners free maintenance to the homes damaged by typhoon irrespective of the responsibility exemption of force majeure.


It’s reported that Typhoon Hato struck Zhongshan on 23 August, bringing gales of level 16 to Tanzhou District. Under such circumstances, leaders from Nimble Property Management inspected its development of Splendid Beautiful Sunny Garden in the first time and organized the relevant departments for reconstruction work at once. They dispatched nearly one hundred of staff from the adjacent developments to the scene, of which engineering personnel, green workers and security staff were included, to participate in the power and water supply restoration works and eliminate the potential safety hazard against time. Meanwhile mobile cranes, electric motor saws, handsaws and clearance trucks were delivered as well to clear the obstructions. Furthermore, statistics of damage conditions of owners were made by the Client Service Department of Nimble for the logistics work of post-disaster reconstruction.


A dedicated maintenance and reconstruction team was set up on 24 August by the Property Department of Splendid Gulf City, another coastal development developed by Nimble in Zhongshan.

Electricians were repairing the electrics system overnight

Mobilization of post-disaster maintenance and reconstruction team in Splendid Gulf City

Property Management staff were removing the fallen trees

Workers were cleaning the debris in the manhole cover

Workers were cutting the tree branches with risk of falling

Workers were replacing the damaged window for the owner

Exhausted security staff fell asleep on the floor after 4 consecutive days of working


Under the severe tropical storm, the staff and workers from Nimble Property Management worked through the water-logged road and removed the uprooted trees, hoping that the road to the owners’ home would not be hindered and their contributions would protect the homes for owners in the windstorm.


In addition, other preparatory works had been conducted by Nimble for defending the typhoon recently, such as setting up an anti-typhoon commanding team in accordance with the highest level of emergency plans to strive to conduct post-disaster reconstruction work, contributing fund and manpower to provide free maintenance to the owners whose houses damaged in the typhoon, and arranging professional construction team to free repair aluminum doors and windows, bay window fences and other facilities for the owners to protect their safety.


The president of Nimble Real Estate, Tan Bingzhao said, “In times of disaster, our hearts go out to the people affected by typhoon. Nimble will be always together with owners, hand in hand to rebuild their beautiful homes!”

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