Valley Girlz is the first app released by Lost Sprocket Games

NASHVILLE, TN – 29 Sep, 2017 – Lost Sprocket Games (http://lostsprocket.com/), an innovative mobile game development company, has announced the release of Valley Girlz – a new iPhone and Android app that combines the popularity of chat stories with the immersive fun of interactive fiction.

Lost Sprocket has created a game that brings together high-quality graphics, easy to use interface, and a compelling storyline. This is the first app release by the Lost Sprocket team, founded by best-selling authors, Holly Burns and Dan Green. Between them, they are responsible for more than a dozen best-selling fiction and non-fiction titles.

Valley Girlz capitalizes on the popularity of teenage drama apps. The game feels like you’re watching a story unfold in chat messages, but the player also gets to make choices that dictate the story. The interactive chat environment and beautiful graphics are what separates Valley Girlz from other teen apps on the market.

Watch the video of the Valley Girlz app in action here: http://thevalleygirlz.com/about/

Holly Burns, co-founder of Lost Sprocket Games, said “We’re very proud of our first app for iPhone and Android. We have worked hard to create a fun game that’s easy to play, but most importantly, we focused on the story. We started with a strong set of characters and wrote an immersive environment around them. We know people will love our characters, and look forward to the ongoing storyline that will be featured in upcoming apps. She added, “Lost Sprocket Games is very excited with the direction the company is taking in the game market, and we believe this is just the beginning of many app successes.”

Lost Sprocket will be announcing more interactive chat story apps soon, including a Halloween Valley Girlz release. Valley Girlz offers support for the iPhone and Android, with plans to support other operating systems later this year.

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Lost Sprocket LLC, develops immersive apps for mobile platforms. Valley Girlz is a game that simulates a text messaging environment, while giving users the ability to choose the direction of the story. Lost Sprocket Games was founded by best-selling authors, Holly Burns and Dan Green, to promote more compelling storylines in mobile development.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xazSTc-7xaI

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