ATOPALM: A St. John Formula for Sensitive Skin launches Indiegogo Campaign!

Now Seeking Community Support via Indiegogo, ATOPALM St. John Formula (MLE) with Maltese Cross has been the Top Brand for Skincare in Korea for 11 Years!

ATOPALM is the Korean skincare secret for healthy, beautiful skin and it is based on the St. John Formula with Maltese Cross. The historic Maltese Cross molecule is named for the symbol of the healing order of the Knights of Malta. Moreover, the brand has been the number one choice for skincare in Korea for the past eleven years. In order to make this solution for sensitive skin available for the whole world, the brand is now seeking community support on Indiegogo.

In addition, ATOPALM’s patented St. John Formula (MLE) with Maltese Cross actually recovers a natural skin barrier to restore healthy and clear skin. Moreover, the formula is clinically proven safe and effective for all skin types including Atopic Dermatitis. Maltese Cross has been the ancient secret of beautiful skin and extensive scientific research and development has been done to perfect it in the modern day world.

With this crowdfunding campaign, the revolutionary formula will be available to the people around the world and the ATOPALM is welcoming everyone to generously participate in the crowdfunding process. The goal of this campaign is to raise a sum of $3000 and everyone is welcome to make their contributions via Indiegogo.

The Indiegogo Campaign is located on the web at: and supporters from around the world can contribute and get this cream by making pledges and donations to the campaign. For a pledge of only $12, backers will get a daytime under makeup cream with 40% discount while for $25, they will get an Intensive Moisturizing Cream with 40% discount.

About This Project

ATOPALM has launched a revolutionary skincare project on Indiegogo that offers skincare products based on the research on the Maltese Cross Molecule. The company is now offering these remarkable products for sensitive skin via Indiegogo and it is welcoming everyone to contribute in the crowdfunding. More details are available on the Indiegogo campaign page. 

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