Angie Rumaldo, PhD, Releases New Book To Help Guide Parents Through Child & Teen Behaviors and Development

The latest book from Dr. Angie Rumaldo, Ph.D is a groundbreaking resource for parents concerned with the behaviors and futures of their children and teens. Understanding Your Child’s and Teen’s Behavior: Simple Steps and Resources to Guide You Through the Journey helps both parents and children work through concerning and difficult behaviors.

Bronx, NY – The latest book from licensed clinical psychologist and advanced psychiatric practice nurse Angie Rumaldo helps parents bridge the gap between themselves and their children when it comes to understanding and correcting negative behaviors and building a bright future. Dr. Rumaldo has a proven track record of helping children and teens make positive advancements in their lives, and has brought many of these strategies to her newest book, Understanding Your Child’s and Teen’s Behavior.

Many parents are concerned about their children’s wellbeing and their ability to succeed later in life. But when confronted with struggling in school, trouble making friends, or problems at home, it can be difficult for parents to not only take note of early warning signs, but to make the right decisions to deter future problematic behaviors. Understanding Your Child’s and Teen’s Behavior is a straightforward resource for parents who are looking for a step by step guide to help their children and teens overcome their challenges and achieve a fulfilling life.

Dr. Angie Rumaldo has helped thousands of adolescents and their families in the past fifteen years, which has led her to share her experience through her new positive parenting book. Using a series of action plans, the book gives frank advice from an industry expert, along with step by step directions for identifying and repairing various negative behaviors. In addition to teaching parents red flags to look for, the book is a great resource for parents who aim to achieve calm parenting in a direct way that will correct child’s and teen’s behaviors in order to prevent them from worsening or creating lasting damage.

From outlining parenting styles and why children break rules to identifying how environments, financial concerns, and medical needs affect behavior in children and teens, Understanding Your Child’s and Teen’s Behavior provides full groundbreaking work that helps adolescents grow into well rounded and fulfilled adults. Parents will also learn when to consult with teachers and physicians, how to maximize a school district’s available resources, and so much more.

Angie Rumaldo, PhD is a licensed clinical psychologist and psychiatric nurse practitioner who, along with her team at True Pursuit Psychological Services, works to improve the lives of individuals and families.

Angie Rumaldo can be found at 2860 Bailey Avenue 1A in Bronx, New York (10463). She can also be reached by phone at 718-701-5833 or from her website,

Understanding Your Child’s and Teen’s Behavior: Simple Steps and Resources to Guide You Through the Journey is available for purchase directly from the website or via Amazon.

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