Inventors Discuss Patents at BananaIP’s Unconventional Seminar

Sixteen inventors came together at an unconventional program organized by BananaIP (BIP) Counsels on 22nd September, 2017, to discuss, debate and argue about the role of patents in India’s contemporary business and research context. Inventors from diverse science and technology domains participated in unique proceedings at the event, making it a first of its kind patent program in the country. Participants in the seminar came from companies such as Samsung, SISCO, Unilever, Eureka Forbes, PEPS Industries, Tritan, Muniyal Ayurveda, Agasso, Wipro, and Chirra Electronics.

The seminar was led by Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala, a well known IP attorney, professor and author in India. After giving an overview of the philosophy of patent law and the patent life cycle, Dr. Kalyan narrated the popular ‘Tortoise and Hare’ story with a twist at the end. In Dr. Kalyan’s story, the race between the two animals ends in a dispute about who is the winner, and the inventors were requested to resolve the dispute using inventive, patentable solutions. Inventors presented a variety of solutions based in biology, artificial intelligence, image analysis and so on, and debated about their patentability.

Thereafter, Dr. Kalyan led the inventors into a patent infringement trial. He gave them a mock case involving competing chocolate companies, and conducted a Court hearing on infringement and invalidity. Soft spoken inventors quickly turned into aggressive, argumentative advocates, and defended their case fervently at the hearing.

Talking about the seminar, Dr. Kalyan said, “It was an honour to interact with so many accomplished inventors, and hear their views on the value of patents for business. They came from diverse fields such as air and water purification, mobile communications, artificial intelligence, machine learning, utensils, mattresses, pharma, software, automotive parts, electronic circuits, networking, personal care, and even ayurveda, and I would say that I learned much more than I taught at the event.

Over the years, BananaIP has been at the forefront in assisting and helping inventors and creators protect their inventions as patents, and we are very happy that we could organize this seminar and take a step forward in our humble contributions to the progress of science and technology in India.”

BananaIP’s team created an original and creative invention journal to help inventors assess, document and value their inventions, a copy of which was handed over to each participant at the seminar. As per a BananaIP’s representative, the invention journal will shortly be made available for sale on different forums for the benefit of other inventors. Following the program, Dr. Kalyan will be interviewing select inventors for a book entitled, The Strategic Inventor, which will recognize contributions of the inventors.

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