99cryptocoin announces launch of new website

99cryptocoin launches new cryptocurrency website to review and monitor more than 900 cryptocurrencies

99cryptocoin has recently announced the launch of its website, monitoring over 900 cyrptocurrencies and more than 4000 markets. The site will also be providing information on more than 85 cryptocurrency exchanges. This ensures the cryptocurrency investors and other users of cryptocurrency tokens can get accurate information and make informed decisions.

Cryptocurrency, and its underlying blockchain technology, is changing the way transactions will be made across the globe in the future. The investment opportunities in cryptocurrency and the opportunity to make money by trading on cryptocurrency markets have made the innovation even more impressive.

Information is said to be the determining factor between a successful and failed business decision. Becoming a successful trader or investor in the world of cryptocurrency is even more dependent on information. This is so as an otherwise insignificant information or news can lead to steep changes in the volatile cryptocurrency market.

With the features and benefits of cryptocurrency with the likes of Bitcoin leading the park, traders and investors in cryptocurrency need accurate information to make the right decisions. This has always been the bane of making the right decisions, with traders and investors resorting to guesswork for trading their portfolio.

99cryptocoin aims to solve this problem and other such challenges investors and traders in cryptocurrency face with the launch of the website. With over 900 digital currencies featured on the site, with information about them, traders can be sure of making profitable decisions.

The site provides current and historical price information, trade volume information, and market cap information on the several cryptocurrencies and markets, making it a one-stop place for all kinds of information on cryptocoins. The price movements and traded volume in the last one hour, one day and one week are also provided on 99cryptocoin.

99cryptocoin also has a news section that contains the latest news items from the top cryptocurrency news websites. This ensures that users of the site do not only get accurate information, but are also fed with the latest news in the cryptocurrency world.

The information on 99cryptocoin can be filtered based on the currency. Some of the cryptocurrencies and tokens featured on 99cryptocoin include Ethereum,Monetha, NEO, Ripple and other such cryptocurrencies from the relatively new ones to the somewhat old coins, categorised based on their 24 hour traded volume and market cap.

About 99cryptocoin

99cryptocoin is a website designed to monitor hundreds of cryptocurrencies across many exchanges and markets and subsequently bringing the information to traders, investors and other users of cryptocurrency to get accurate and up to date information.

The site provides accurate, current, and historical information on price, trade volume and market cap with over 900 cryptocurrencies, 85+ exchanges and more than 4000 markets featured on the site. The primary aim of the site is to be the information hub of everything and anything concerns the world of cryptocurrency.

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