Announcing the Launch of Talkalang – the Newest Social Network for Language Learners

September 30, 2017 – A new website and an Android App, Talkalang is the latest innovation in the social network industry, designed to help language learners acquire reflexes and gain confidence in speaking a new language. It enables users to chat and communicate with people from all over the world.

Joining the Talkalang platform allows users to practice a foreign language through having written conversations with the members of the social network worldwide. This is different from other chat solutions currently available these days, as Talkalang allows users to take part in real discussions. The community starts discussions and any user can join any discussion they want. It has opened to Spanish, French and English communities and will open other communities later.

Connecting to the platform provides a unique solution to learn a different language, unlike the use of other platforms today. Users can join a wall that displays all the discussions suggested to them. There are thousands of discussions to choose from, so there is always a topic that users can take part.

“Talkalang is no longer a project but a full-fledged site, and I am working to build an even more pleasant and motivating space for users, so that they can gain confidence and no longer be apprehensive about discussions,” stated by Marc Roche, the co-founder of the website in relation to the Talkalang method. “I try to help the users dive into an environment where every new element they learn remains in their memory through affect: the more emotional links you can create with the new information, the more you will be able to retrieve it in time.” The platform provides an exciting and fun way to learn a new language.

Talkalang isn’t a language learning course, but a unique medium where users can participate in active discussions in foreign languages in order to improve their language learning skills and practice even better. Users can conveniently decide which discussion to take part in or even make their own discussion. The app also enables them to build their own language learning profile. They can earn points and advance levels as they take part in discussions.

Talkalang is now the most unique foreign language learning community to learn Spanish, French or English languages. Android users can enjoy its benefits today, whereas iOS users can take full advantage of the App next year.

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