Two Investigators are Seeking Support on Kickstarter for a Thrilling Supernatural Investigation!

With a Combined Experience of 60 Years, Two Seasoned Investigators will Probe whether Ghosts Really Haunt the Hallways of the Royal York Hotel in Toronto!

The Men in White are a group of three inspiring people, two of whom are amongst Canada’s most seasoned investigators. These two, David A. Gibb and Mitchell Dubros, together have over 60 years of professional experience in the field of investigation. They are now taking on the challenging task of investigating whether supernatural creatures or ghosts really exist in one of downtown Toronto’s most renowned – and reputedly haunted – hotels.

Toronto’s landmark Royal York Hotel has been a fixture on the city’s growing skyline for almost a century and this upscale hotel has 28 floors and 1,048 rooms. There are countless stories of hauntings in the old building, especially on the 8th floor. According to these ghost stories, the floor is visited by a spirit of a gray-haired man in a burgundy smoking jacket and slacks who is sometimes seen pacing the hallways at night.

In addition, several other stories persist about supernatural happenings at the hotel, including a famous story of an employee who hung himself and has haunted the building ever since. Many other strange, and supposedly paranormal, occurrences have also taken place at the legendary Royal York Hotel and these two veterans will thoroughly investigate using their skills, training and cutting-edge technologies – just in time for Halloween! For this purpose, they are seeking support to cover their expenses, and welcome everyone to help them in raising these funds.

“We will be taking photos, videos and audio recordings during our investigation, and will provide all evidence along with a fully detailed investigative report upon the conclusion of our inquiry,” said David Gibb, while talking about the goal of their investigation. “Our aim is to either make contact with any supernatural entity that resides within the Royal York, or expose it as fantasy and wishful thinking,” he added.

The Kickstarter Campaign is located on the web at: and supporters from around the world can help these men by making pledges and donations to the project. Their goal is to raise a sum of CA$ 2000 with this project and they will provide detailed report of their investigation to any supporter pledging over $10. For a $750 contribution, backers can even join the investigators on their ghost-hunting mission for an event that will surely be the experience of a lifetime.

About This Project

The Men in White is a Canadian organization and two of its members are seasoned investigators, who will investigate the ghost stories and strange paranormal occurrences taking place in the century old Royal York Hotel located in Toronto, and they are raising funds on Kickstarter to make this project a success.

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