Candidate for the 2020 United States Presidential Election

Joe E. Collins III, a former United States Sailor has joined the ranks of qualified candidates for the 2020 United States Presidential Election.

It is time the United States of America had a President who represents all of the American people and not just the certain few in specific categories, distinguished by the amount of money in the bank. 

We can‘t allow our country to be divided by the racist rhetoric from anyone when it is more than clear that our Bible states we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. This great nation is made up of more than just one type of person, so we need more than a “one size fits all Government.” We are people of different faiths, beliefs, backgrounds and social statuses and regardless of how we ended up in this melting pot we call the United States of America, we all have one goal in common and that is the pursuit of Health Wealth and Equality for all who are willing to work together towards this common goal.

As a former Sailor in the United States Navy, we were always taught, true leaders lead by example. In order for the United States to be true leaders of the free world we must govern ourselves in such a fashion that makes all other Countries want to follow in the direction we are going. It is important that we look back at our past and use the lessons we have learned as guide lines for a prosperous future for our children, and our children’s children.

We must curb this violent approach to issues that cannot be solved with violence but through diplomacy and mutual beneficial working relationship. In order for this to happen we must elect someone who will represent our Country in this manner. 

America has always been the birth place of visionaries and dreamers, where all things are possible! And I hold these truth’s to be evidence that all men are created equal! The Bible asks “Am I my brother’s Keeper?” and the answer to this question is “Yes! I am my “brother’s keeper!” We are the vision for the future but this vision can only be accomplished if we as a Country erase the blurred lines, pull together as one Nation and work towards the benefit of all American’s.

Support your campaign because WE ARE THE VISION FOR THE FUTURE.


Media Contact
Company Name: VOTECOLLINS2020
Contact Person: Joe E. Collins III
Phone: 858-882-7712
Address:2534 State Street Ste. 481
City: San Diego
State: Ca, 92101
Country: United States