Newly launched mobile game 1000 Swipes Trivia receives good reviews from users

1000 Swipes Trivia is the newly launched mobile game that brings a new twist to the old-style trivia games. The game now available for download at Google Play and iTunes has received good feedback from the users. “Very well designed, love the learning experience. Great for brain exercise overall”, says one user at Google Play while another one at iTunes mentions, “Great app to keep your brain active and to increase your general knowledge”. It is a fun and entertaining game that tests the general knowledge of the user.

Although there are many trivia games available, 1000 Swipes Trivia is a new and unique trivia game that is designed to be convenient and fun to play. The user will come across a question in the middle and one option at the top and another one at the bottom. They can swipe up or down for choosing the correct answer before the time runs out. It’s a quick paced reaction based game that is fun to play and educational at the same time.

The game features many interesting levels for all kinds of users. The common-sense level tests the basic general knowledge of the user, the English vocabulary consists of questions on synonyms and antonyms, the world geography features questions on border states, capitals, continents, state nicknames etc as well as math equations level and the animal kingdom level, remember people, extreme chemist to test atomic number, symbol, group and period of the elements and last one is brand names that have questions based on top companies around the world.

For every correct answer, the player will score 1 swipe and they can unlock jump starts as follows:

Alpha Jump – 10 Swipe Jump-start
Bravo Jump – 50 Swipe Jump-start
Charlie Jump – 100 Swipe Jump-start
Delta Jump – 250 Swipe Jump-start

Since the game has 8 amazing levels, it also features 8 leaderboards and 32 achievements that allow the players to compete with their friends as well as check world ratings and challenge others on an individual basis. The developers will soon introduce more levels into the app, as it progresses.

The game is developed for both Android and iOS users and available for free download Google Play and iTunes.

A promo video of the game is available at and more information can also be found on their Facebook page

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