Mr. Right Underwear Launches Revolutionary men’s Health Underwear

Sep 30th, 2017 – The kind of underwear men use has been found to directly influence their health and fertility. A study done recently indicate that men who wear ordinary tight underwear are at great risk of infertility and poor health. Tight up is one of the things that cause the overheating of the balls. High scrotal temperatures have been known to affect the production of sperms. Studies have shown that high temperatures around this area reduce the sperm count and also affect testosterone production. Low sperm count has been the leading cause of fertility issues among men. Also, low testosterone has been associated with conditions such as obesity, heart diseases and diabetes.

Loose boxers are good to release heat, but they have another issue-chafing. Sports men or those who engage in strenuous physical activities are at greater risk due to consequential friction which comes with wearing boxers.  Those who were interviewed not only said that boxers cause discomfort but also make their testicles bangle in an awkward manner affecting their self confidence as well as participation in physical activities.

It is on this premise that Mr. Right Underwear has come to the aid of men who have suffered from wearing the wrong underwear. The company has launched revolutionary men’s health underwear. The underwear provides excellent support and is less prone to bouncing and tight up of the balls without overheating.

Mr. Right Underwear is designed to ensure that the scrotum temperatures remain at optimal level for the normal production of sperms and testosterone. The boxer brief has a unique feature which applies the “chimney effect” through the left and right creases of the groin region and the back crack of the wearer. This helps in reducing the scrotal temperature through natural means. With this boxer brief, there is no chafing or overheating or even zip accident.

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