The two companions in Times Square will be richer because of SANCHAIN

“It’s so creative! There’s always regrets coming to time square!” says Jack. “Dude, stop taking photos. We should try to understand the investment potential here. Or else we aren’t leaving!” says Jack’s friend. He takes out his phone and searches.


The NASDAQ screen in times square intrigued the idea of investors for SANCHAIN. However, it’s just a shadow amongst the crowd. What is SANCHAIN and why does it have such appeal?

1. The value of investing in SANCHAIN

SANCHAIN‘s mission is to create a one-of-a-kind Blockchain ecosystem. It provides a simultaneous peer system that perfects the multi-eco value network. It aims to change the future just like the internet once did since its advent.

SANCHAIN Blockchain ecosystem can globalize your digital assets, increasing safety, efficiency, speed, while at the same time forever improving. First, it only has a 30 million tokens for distribution which guarantees its value to rise over time. Second, it has a safe and efficient wallet feature which currently supports SANCHAIN tokens, BTC, ETH, and other forms of digital currency for storage. This will also increase in the future. Lastly, it has collaborated with the decentralized transferring platform OpenLedger and will continue collaborating with other well-known platforms in the future.

At the same time, SANCHAIN’s business expansion potential is vast. Great for investment value. For example, its DAPP covers: lifestyle, shopping, travel, commerce, music, film, dining, finance, trust, investment, health, sports, technology, education, and other fields. This ensures that it has the widest appeal for future collaborations.

2. Technical innovations and competitive edge

SANCHAIN uses the newest Blockchain technology – a more reliable, developable, and a more internet friendly system. First, it uses a modular design which eases DAPP’s protection and development; second, it uses a unique competitive-account-incentive model. This urges online users more frequent usable which in turn will guarantee greater safety – a cyclical finance system; third, it uses a DPOS consensus model which prevents DDOS attacks. This decreases validations necessary and number of account nodes – a consensus reached within seconds; finally, it has an AI account inspection system, a decentralized service community as well as other innovations.

SANCHAIN has four competitive edges. First, it’s open sourced which allows all parties or individuals to involve in decision making – a community that develops new DAPP and a collective resource sharing environment. Second is ease-of-use. It has a perfected base function and support system which can help developers speed up project creation – a true open source environment. Third, an ecosystem. It not only helps individual projects but as a community can lend a helping hand – a true resource sharing experience. Fourth, it is globalized. Developers are encouraged to freely create and upload all projects for all enthusiast and other developers to share in the creative process.

SANCHAIN’s appearance in NASDAQ pushed the group to establish a global presence. As the market becomes more international, the market will be pushed as well. Please await our progress! Buffet says “Time is the greatest asset for thriving businesses but an enemy for unproductive businesses.” Just like Jack’s friend. Don’t just think, DO!

SANCHAIN  community

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