Airwheel H3 Smart Electric Folding Wheelchair Will Lead the Future Mainstream in Wheelchair Field

Airwheel H3 intelligent wheelchair is a new star in wheelchair sector. It is small-sized, foldable, convenient, strong and safe. What it brings people is more than efficient travel, but also great freedom. In a word, it will lead the future mainstream in wheelchair world.

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The development of science and technology is to upgrade various products so as to facilitate people’s life much better. Take wheelchair for example. Based on high tech, Airwheel offers people a fire-new wheelchair – Airwheel H3 smart wheelchair. As its name implies, it is a wheelchair that is full of intelligence. Indeed, H3 is totally different from ordinary wheelchairs.

Airwheel H3 automatic electric wheelchair 

Full-automatic folding system comes very first. When people don’t need Airwheel H3 Electric Wheelchairs, they can press the button and it can be folded by itself. The folded figure is only 790*630*370mm. That is to say, it needs very small storage space. The intelligent joystick controller is another humanized design, which realizes automatic brake when user’s hand doesn’t touch the controller. On the one hand, the control becomes simple. On the other hand, it guarantees user’s safety to the hilt. The omni-directional wheel design brings people great convenience. The 360-degree steering paves the way for people to change their routes at any moment. Besides, H3 gives people very comfortable sitting experience. The seat is made from soft and breathable material, which is wear-proof and durable. The longer people sit, the more comfortable they feel.

Airwheel H3 automatic electric wheelchair

Strong power is the biggest advantage of Airwheel H3 automatic electric wheelchair when compared with ordinary ones. It is coupled with high-quality and imported lithium-ion battery that is featured with numerous recharge times, durable, uninflammable and no explosive. Moreover, it offers strong and stable power supply. The rear gear motor also plays a key role. It is equipped with dual drive that ensures powerful kinetic energy.

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In addition, H3 owns two modes. If people pull the tie rod to the open position, the brake of wheelchair will not work. Then, it can be pushed by people like traditional wheelchairs. When people pull the tie rod to the close position, nobody can push it. To a large extent, H3 is able to replace two feet and gives people great freedom.

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